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Video || Kavanaugh Hearing Begins; Booker, Harris Immediately Start Running for President

Democrats, led by Sens. Cory Booker and Kamala Harris, who are going to run for the Democratic nomination for president, were joined by protestors in staging major interruptions to the start of the Judiciary Committee hearing on the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court.

Felt sorry for Kavanaugh’s daughters, must have been traumatic, even though I’m sure people tried to prepare them for what was to occur.

I assume the outbursts by the demonstrators only help Republicans, as average people get more exposure to the type of people who will be running the country once the “Democratic Socialists” seize power.

Lots of excitement. Have a look.

21 thoughts on “Video || Kavanaugh Hearing Begins; Booker, Harris Immediately Start Running for President”

  1. This is so stupid. Demonstrators outside the building, sure. Inside the hearing room, impeding official business? Ridiculous! OTOH, yet more evidence to the majority of “normal” Americans that the Democrats and their allies are deranged.

  2. The Dems are worried about the “hidden documents” – they claim about 500,000 are hidden from them.
    One can assume they are looking for his application to join the KKK or the White People Only groups. Maybe the Hate Women Forever club?

    The Dems are doing what they promised – to delay and deny. RESIST!

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  4. I would only note that the hive dwellers – the core of the Democrat constituency – LOVE this. And that is who they are playing to.

    Just remember:

    It doesn’t matter who votes. All that matters is who COUNTS the votes.

    1. The message that has to get out to our side is — no matter it’s the (yawn!) midterms. Get off your @zz and get to the polls. Turnout is all.

  5. Wow. Our junior high elections & speeches had more maturity than these stupidly elected morons.
    Kick them out for obstructing proceedings.

  6. These scripted “demonstrations” re the Kavanaugh hearing have two primary goals: 1. To disrupt any action of the Trump administration to maintain coherent governance and, 2. To appease the fanatical pro-abortion organizations who have invested millions of dollars over the years to those on this committee, and who now are expecting results from their investment.

  7. If this is in fact a conspiracy to interfere with the official business of the Congress, that is a crime, folks.

    There needs to be jail time handed out for this; but with a DC jury pool, fat chance of that ever happening.

    Between the dueling deader debacles over the weekend, and the congressional committee craziness today, Middle America is getting quite the gander at the political Three Mile Island we will suffer, if the Democrat party God-forbid wins in two months.

  8. At best the current behavioral problems of the antiTrumpists could be made into a third sequel of ‘That’s Entertainment’ ala 21st century style. At worst, this ill mentality could unleash a 2nd hell storm – this time on well mannered, American identified civilians.

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