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Biden Begins Presidential Test Run

Here’s the problem for Democrats with running Joe Biden, which they likely won’t, because he’s too conservative. It’s a brave new world when Joe Biden is too conservative for Democrats, but there you go.

Anyway, the problem is that President Trump’s major weakness is that he acts like a crazy person. That is, a certain number of moderates and even Republicans can’t stand him because of his Tweets, odd pronouncements and so forth. Notwithstanding, of course, that he’s building a record as president that is quite compelling.

Biden doesn’t stack up well against Trump because he’s also a crazy person. Just, without the successful record as president to run on.

According to Politico:

Pittsburgh — Cue the jokes: Joe Biden is running. In fact, he spent much of Labor Day sprinting, more than a mile in total, doing intervals through the streets of one of America’s biggest union towns.

Biden was for the city’s Labor Day parade three years ago, the one and only campaign event of his almost-but-never-launched 2016 presidential campaign. A year later, he was back with Tim Kaine, trying to transfer his connection with these voters to the Democratic ticket.

Monday’s parade kicked off what will be an intense, nine-week stretch of campaigning for Democratic candidates in the midterms, but also an extended gut check of whether the country has an appetite for another Biden run—and for him to decide if he has the appetite to make one.

But here, in a part of the country that helped tip the 2016 election to Donald Trump but has since delivered Democrats their only House special election win, this is what a potential 2020 bid would look like: classic retail campaigning in parts of the country where Democrats have atrophied and which Hillary Clinton wrote off. When he was finished marching, Biden huddled with union head United Steelworkers president Leo Girard. There was even a videographer on the payroll catching every interaction, and a young man from the Republican attack group America Rising following along with his own camera, mumbling questions and then remarking with staged wonder into the camera that Biden wouldn’t answer them.

He ate ice cream, kissed foreheads, and repeated the same stories about his father and grandfather’s working class roots. He talked about unity, decency and reasserting what he thinks America is: Don’t just keep the faith, he told them, spread it.

I never respected Biden after his treatment of Paul Ryan during the 2012 vice presidential debate. All that staged laughing. It was both condescending and fake.

I don’t know how one could be scared by Trump and not be doubly fearful of Biden. The former vice president – thank God for Obama’s health in office, little as I liked him – is both weird and inane. Trump is an odd duck, but he is also someone who earned billions of dollars and ran huge companies. He’s not a silly man. Biden is a silly man.

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