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Open Thread || Monday, August 27, 2018

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I’d particularly like to hear your thoughts on McCain. I may do an op-ed in another publication on why conservatives did not like McCain – shocking to the MSM! While I’ve seen a lot of interesting takes on McCain in the comment section of the piece below this one, any others you might want to leave in this thread that could help inform the piece – if I do it – would be appreciated.


23 thoughts on “Open Thread || Monday, August 27, 2018”

  1. MSM is going overboard with praise of him. Last night on CBS Evening News they did a piece on him and then repeated it plus more on 60 Minutes.

    If he qualifies being a hero because he was a POW then my cousin should be one too since he survived the Bataan Death March.

  2. He was not a hero, he was, by all accounts, a traitor to this country and to his fellow pow’s. Not to leave out all the citizens of the United States. McCain sold us out time and time again. People ask why he was continually re-elected in Arizona. Because the elections were rigged.I speak as a Arizona resident, when I say, I can hardly find a real person that liked him or thought he was doing good for us or the country. The deep state loves him as he was a life long member of the Swamp.

    1. As a fellow Arizonan; sure his swamp creature puppeteers pulled their swamp cheating strings. I also believe certain low intellect dwellers see his name, think “oh, I’ve heard that name, I’ll vote for him”.
      But educated logical residents saw what a creepy liar he is and voted against him.
      As I previously mentioned, Keith; how the heck did he get away having town halls that were secret invitation only? Then the local media reported it on local evening news. And! His snippets of statements ALWAYS promised that he would build that wall on our southern border.
      That’s why he gets no respect from many Arizonans.

  3. McCain and Flake. Two people who forgot they represent the voters, not their own personal feelings.
    Neither of them said a word against Obama, even when the DOJ sued our state for enforcing federal laws on immigration. They were silent when our country was being transformed into an alien socialist/Marxist government.

  4. Moving on:
    *Lanny Davis now says he doesn’t know anything about Trump/Russia. The hunt for Boris and Natasha continues down other avenues.
    *The porn woman wants to testify before Congress. She wants to admit she extorted money in 2016 from a rich guy she met a decade ago.
    *In real news, the new NAFTA agreement is making Wall Street happy again. MrTrump is hitting all the high notes on the economy and we’re all enjoying it.

    1. Not only are we getting close to a MUCH better NAFTA deal with Mexico, but we are beginning talks with Canada on re-doing NAFTA with them. Saw the Canada piece on France24, not on US media.

  5. Elsewhere, @Jack is doing his latest Fred Astaire act for some Congressional committee or other.

    But Congress may not be his biggest worry right now.

    Because if this is legit, his biggest traffic driver may be on the move.

    And if it’s NOT legit, then someone’s committing a federal crime.

  6. No respect for a guy who left his disfigured wife for a younger, prettier one. And then his vote for ObamaCare and his part in the dossier….. can’t believe I voted for this guy. Although my vote was really a vote against BHO more than it was for McCain. He is answering to God now.

    1. Bandit, me too …that was the reason I voted in 2008. No way Obama was going to get my vote.

      Have you noticed any comment from Palin? I haven’t.

  7. One of the most suspicious (and revealing) aspects of the political life of John McCain is that George Soros was a major contributor to the McCain political campaigns for many years. For me, that explains much of McCain’s bizarre political behavior. And there are many other Republican recipients of Soros’ money, virtually all of whom were, at best, mushy, unpredictable “Republicans”.

    “Records: Soros Fund Execs Funded Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, John McCain, John Kasich, Lindsey Graham in 2016”

  8. In a final f-u to Arizona voters, Joe Biden was chosen to give the eulogy at the memorial for Sen McCain here in Arizona.
    Joe Biden!

    1. @srdem

      I’m actually not surprised. Apparently, Songbird even composed a posthumous parting shot, to be read after he was beyond having to answer for it.

      Or…so he thought.

  9. From my hometown, we have one reason why people don’t see the reality in front of their faces. Here the local newspaper avoids the elephant in the room, as well as the facts, by carefully not reporting the fact that this rapist is an illegal alien:

    So I get to pay for three hots and a cot for this walking culture problem, and the local paper takes its stand by trying to report-but-not-report the news.

  10. Why conservatives didn’t like McCain: 1) he’s was not a conservative; 2) His political principles were flexible to say the least; 3) He didn’t support President Trump; 4) He did huge damage to the Republican Party/the American people by his self-serving actions (for example, his vote in favor of Obamacare after he had been against it). Added to that…he was a terrible presidential candidate who never/never effectively refuted attacks from the MSM and the Democrats/the left. He picked a VP candidate who a lot of conservatives liked but his campaign did not vet her well/prepare her well/support her well.

  11. McCain and John Effing Kerry worked to make information about Vietnam POWs/MIAs classified. Information that families and friends could have used.
    Songbird left his brothers to rot….

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