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Trump Tweets Sympathies to McCain’s Family But Says Nothing Positive About McCain

President Trump Saturday tweeted his sympathy to the family of Sen. John McCain, who died Saturday at the age of 81, but left out any praise for the late senator himself.

McCain and Trump had long had a contentious relationship. Trump during the campaign questioned McCain’s heroism, and McCain cast the vote that sunk Trump-backed legislation to partially repeal Obamacare. McCain also withdrew his support for Trump late in the 2016 campaign.

40 thoughts on “Trump Tweets Sympathies to McCain’s Family But Says Nothing Positive About McCain”

  1. Trump questioned the labeling of McCain as a hero…

    His point was — though not said exactly like this —

    Look — you media types call everyone a Hero — Guy picks up a nail in a parking lot.. he’s a hero for saving tires… Guy points to your tire and gives you the running low on air sign…he’s a hero.. Let’s save the word hero for someone that does more than serves as a POW.. How about the countless men in history that would rather take out a few of the enemy — give their buddies a few less to content with — that do what is needed – die and are never heard from again. Those are heroes.

    What McCain did in the POW camp may have been admirable but Trump was putting the emphasis on the surrender or likely die that true hero types face…. There are 1000’s of dead that were heroes. They chose not to surrender.

    They never got to run for the House

    They never got to run for Senate

    They never got to run for President….

    Hero — That is a big word… save it for big things.

  2. Agree…he was not popular with the people he served with. He voted to keep Obama care to spite Trump not to save healthcare for people.
    I don’t think Trump said a lot because McCain had said he did not want him to speak or attend his funeral.

  3. Mr. Trump’s comments are entirely appropriate considering their relationship.

    Senator McCain is no hero to me, however. We are stuck with Obamacare because of personal hatred and not because he put the needs and wants of the citizens first. I cannot forgive him for that.

  4. I thank God for letting Songbird McShame finally join his best buddy Teddy “Swim, bitch!” Kennedy in a warmer climate. And my sincere prayer is for everyone who attends his funeral to soon join both of them there.

  5. I have no issue with Mr. Trump’s response. McCain, sadly, seemed to go out of his way to “stick” it to the President on healthcare and in the process of what seemed to be a personal vendetta, stuck it to all of us. Then reaped the adulation of the media. Thank you, Senator McCain, for your service in Vietnam, may you rest in peace.

    Now, let’s get a senator from the great state of Arizona appointed and move on the the business of the people.

    1. Our gov duchey stated several months ago that he would “give” McCain’s seat to his widow….NO!!!!! She is an alcoholic, anorexic senior citizen who doesn’t have a clue about the world around her.
      It would be more appropriate to assign the seat to the republican “loser” in the run for Flake’s empty seat.

        1. Governor Ducey will undoubtedly select another piece of Koch-sucking Rove Republican swill to continue Songbird’s legacy. Politicians owned by Davos and the Bilderbergs are nothing if not reliable.

      1. The Governor of Arizona should be forcefully reminded that Arizona voters choose who fills McCain’s position, it’s not a monarchy. Can you imagine the outcry (at the mere whiff) of a suggestion for Donald Trump to be succeded by DJT,Jr?

  6. Got to live the liberal media’s hypocrisy. They praised him to the heavens as the “maverick” with the “straight talk express” who was “independent of his party establishment” and “bipartisan.” In other words – when he voted with the Democrats/liberals he was a great Senator.

    When he ran for President in 2008 they swarmed on him like a pack of vultures.

    When he went back to the Senate after the 2008 election they liked him again.

  7. I got “burned out” on McCain years ago when he was a frequent guest on Imus in the Morning. He always seemed wish-washy and indecisive.

  8. I started losing respect for McCain as a politician when he gave Bill Clinton political cover to open diplomatic relations with Vietnam. The Vietnamese hadn’t given us a full accounting of our POWs/MIAs (and still haven’t).

  9. Couple of articles about John McCain.

    1. Written by a Naval Academy graduate (a First Year cadet when McCain was a Fourth year cadet) who was also a fellow POW with McCain.

    ” I Spent Years as a POW with John McCain, and His Finger Should Not Be Near the Red Button”


    2. “McCain and the POW Cover-Up”

    McCain was surely a complicate guy, an odd duck who was utterly unpredictable, in many ways, and a politician who could infuriate Republicans with his peculiar voting record.

    The POW coverup story (No. 2.) has stuck in my craw for a very long time, and his actions brought anguish and utter frustration to the families of POWs caught and held in North Vietnam prison camps for years.

    How McCain got so determined to stop the legitimate search for our POWs (dead or alive) in NV is a bit of a mystery, and is one of the saddest chapters of his entire career. Someday, the entire story will come out, I suppose, as these stories usually do. Until then, the POW families will have to wait patiently. Tragic.

  10. His statement was fine. If he had embellished he would have been criticized because his strained relations with the senator are well known. Courtesy for all people when a co-worker loses a loved one or an acquaintance is to offer condolences.

  11. I salute President Trump. He did not shower McCain with fake praise, which is what it would have been considering their tumultuous relationship. The President was courteous and respectful of the family. The left, the media, the progressive Marxist commie socialists (whatever they are) need to zip a lip.

    1. Watching CNN, MSNBC and every other Democrat news outlet bend over backward to praise McCain is sickening, it’s just another way for them to stick it to President Trump and his supporters. MAGA and Long Live The Deplorables!.

  12. He is hoisted up as THE survivor of North Vietnamese cruelty & made up to mimic a trustworthy politician of the right throughout his career by the commercial media & academia who have bestowed godhood on various American communists & turncoats of the 20th/21st centuries who were bought & brought to us by our counterChrist input artists of the occult war.

  13. So what President Trump called John McCain something less than a hero, big deal! If McCain could survive torture in Hanoi, he should have been a big enough person to get over what Trump called him. McCain was all about reaching across the aisle, yet he never did that with Trump. Later we find out that he asked Lois Lerner to punish Conservatives, how heroically honorable was that? McCain could have taken the adult move and learned to work with President Trump. The more I learn of McCain, the less respect he deserves. Arizona, please vote responsibly.

  14. Thanks everyone for these great comments. It’s a funny thing about Trump that while he lies, he’s not a liar. That is, he’s not a phony. I think he could have been more magnanimous upon McCain’s death. But on the other hand, he’s not some politician that pretends he loves things and people he hates, and who hate him. That’s why he was elected.

    1. Hitler would film a political enemy being hung with piano wire to die slowly — filming it — so that he could show it to others and send a message – SCREW with me and this will happen.

      In many ways — and this is one — Trump uses his lack of praise to send a message that you SCREW with me I am not going to say some BS nice stuff — the recipients of the message are the living. Do Not Mess with President Trump.

    2. Yep that’s my President . Do not miss the last one one bit (who was beyond a liar, phony even) and yes I voted for Sarah. RIP Mr McCain.

  15. McCain was somewhat connected to the fake dossier, so things were always going to be very hostile between the pair. No point pretending otherwise.

    1. Yes, he was. McCain tried to undermine Trump every opportunity he could find. Trump obviously became aware of that effort and realized that McCain was out to, essentially, destroy his Presidency. And now the corporate media has decided that no matter what Trump says or writes about McCain–from full praise to bare mention–they will use that as yet another cudgel to beat Trump over the head with. And they think no one is noticing and observing what they are doing.

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  17. McCain was certainly eyeballs deep with the Soros and Clinton globalists. Plenty of photos out there. He was a Democrat latterly, dressed up as a Rep.

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