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Here’s Why Cohen is Singing: He’s under Investigation for $20M in Loans

So in case you were wondering why it is that Michael Cohen has turned on President Trump, it appears he is under investigation for possible misdeeds related to $20 million in loans, according to the New York Times.

From the Times piece:

Federal authorities investigating whether President Trump’s former personal lawyer and fixer, Michael D. Cohen, committed bank and tax fraud have zeroed in on well over $20 million in loans obtained by taxi businesses that he and his family own, according to people familiar with the matter.

Investigators are also examining whether Mr. Cohen violated campaign finance or other laws by helping to arrange financial deals to secure the silence of women who said they had affairs with Mr. Trump. The inquiry has entered the final stage and prosecutors are considering filing charges by the end of August, two of the people said.

Sounds like Cohen may be facing the rest of his life in jail. And so he’s turning on Trump. They’re putting out stories that he felt Trump didn’t treat him well enough, etc. But the bottom line is he doesn’t want to go to jail.

This is what Trump means by a witch hunt. You look around enough, and you find a witch. Most prosecutors aren’t able to conduct an 18-month investigation, which will certainly end up at least a two-year investigation. Special prosecutors have endless means at their disposal. Eventually, they raid peoples homes, they find things, they turn people against each other. They get the results they want.

We’re all guilty of something, even if accidentally. Maybe just something immoral if not illegal. I’m not saying Michael Cohen isn’t a snake. But our justice system is not predicated on the notion that the government should be looking around endlessly in our business so they can find something to charge us with and then use it to turn us against others who are their actual targets.

Bob Mueller, if he tried hard enough, could convict Moses of something. I don’t know, maybe failing to extinguish a brush fire.

According to Politico, Cohen’s lawyer is talking to John Dean for some reason. Now what that means, I have no idea, other than it sounds very dramatic and is probably meant to try to put fear into the White House.

The American people elected a president. Based on no specific evidence of “collusion,” there is an “investigation” of the president for collusion. And whatever else Mueller might find.

I’ll bet Trump spends at least a third of his time on this. That means he’s not spending all the time he should be on the world’s toughest job. And it’s harmful psychologically.

This thing is dangerous for all of us. And for what? Because Democrats didn’t like the results in November, 2016.

5 Responses to Here’s Why Cohen is Singing: He’s under Investigation for $20M in Loans

    • Medallions are very expensive and taxi operators have to have them in order to operate a taxi. It never fails to outrage me that groups like Antifa, BLM, Operate Wall Street and every other violent mob say “they are for the little guy” as the set fire to and destroy taxis.

  1. As one who had fingers crossed when applying for a bank loan to finance a used car, a $20 million dollar loan for anything short of a proven and working gold mine is amazing.

    Whatever his financial misdeeds, it doesn’t seem that MrTrump was involved at all. Paying blackmail or being extorted by sleazy women isn’t a crime (yet), because the crime is on the blackmailer or extorter.

  2. If poor old Diogenes wandered around Washington with his lantern searching for an honest person, he’d be having a very long walk wouldn’t he?