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Trump Cancels His Military Parade

President Trump Friday canceled his military parade, charging that local Washington DC officials were attempting to rip off the federal government.

According to CNBC, the parade was slated to cost $92 million, compared to previous estimates of $12 million and $30 million. Having once lived in Washington, I wouldn’t be surprised if officials were indeed trying to fleece the government. Just as likely: Routine incompetence.

The parade had been planned for Veterans Day. The Pentagon initially delayed it before Trump nixed it.

11 thoughts on “Trump Cancels His Military Parade”

  1. Q people thought that the Parade was going to mark the end of the swamp drain. Celebrating putting the coup members in Jail.

    So we are disappointed at this news. The firings and going so slow and no big names arrested.

  2. The Memorial Day parade included a few army transport vehicles, a tank or 2, & veterans In uniform marching with shouldered arms as well as the high school band, Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts troops. A military parade may seem sovietesque, but is actually quite impressive & moving- boys would dig it & girls could appreciate it too. Inspiring a sense of American loyalty & pride is a good way to make America great again. Too bad the swamp still needs a power vac & no big name arrests have been made & the greed of DC’s city fathers has nixed this deal- for the moment…

  3. In February and March 2018 articles, it was stated that the parade would be on Veterans Day, November 11, which is a Sunday. Recent articles state it was scheduled for November 10, 2018, which is Saturday. Keith says it was scheduled for Veterans Day. Were the leftists trying to confuse everyone?

  4. So, without spending a single dime, Trump gets the DC government to publicly beclown itself.

    Yes, the DC government often does that on its own, but it’s usually a regional story at best. This time, they beclowned themselves on a national stage.

    Talk about pretending inferiority and encouraging the enemy’s arrogance!

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