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Some Believe Trump Wins if He Gets Impeached; They’re Wrong

According to Politico, there are a growing number of conservatives who think that getting impeached will help President Trump get reelected.

Politico writes:

The idea gaining currency on the right is that Trump can be Bill Clinton, not Richard Nixon. It depends on a delicate political calculation — that a Republican-held Senate would never follow a Democratic House and vote to remove Trump, and that voters tired of the long-running Russia scandal will, as they did in the late 1990s with Clinton’s Monica Lewinsky scandal, want to move on.

The notion has surfaced spontaneously among a diverse set of conservatives, including politicians with Trump’s ear and young ultraloyalists of the president whose institutional knowledge of the GOP begins with its new standard-bearer.

In interviews, more than a dozen Republican politicians, activists and consultants — including some current and former Trump campaign aides with direct lines to the president — said they are increasingly convinced a Democratic House victory in the midterms and subsequent impeachment push would backfire and ultimately help the president in 2020.

“If they take the House, he wins big,” Barry Bennett, a former senior adviser to the Trump campaign, told POLITICO. “The market always overcorrects” . . .

“Well-respected thinkers believe that the more extreme the Democrats go, the more middle of the road voters will gravitate to Trump,” argued one prominent conservative and Trump supporter

Be careful what you wish for. Trump can win reelection on his achievements. Spending 2019 getting impeached and then 2020 running for reelection would mean that he will have time for very few achievements in the second half of his first term.

The process, understandably, will completely distract him. With a president distracted, anything can happen – bad things overseas, even a war, and problems in the economy.

Thinking impeachment helps Trump politically is deeply cynical. It’s the thinking of the Washington political class, which doesn’t understand the appeal of Trump’s actual policies. The more he gets done in the next couple of years, on the domestic and international stages, the better for him. Impeachment means he gets much less done.

And apart from politics, what a tragedy the Democrats’ plan will be for the country. If you think things are divisive and close to violence now, wait until Democrats start to actively try to remove a duly elected president.

2 Responses to Some Believe Trump Wins if He Gets Impeached; They’re Wrong

  1. Just how stupid does Politico think the voters are?
    Impeachment is a good thing!
    Good grief, is there no limit to the ways and means the media can use to convince the voters to abandon DonaldTrump and his agenda?

    The question – Impeach on what facts?

  2. There are already too many distractions. Besides, many of those Democrats in congress may not be able to handle the strain. They’re not getting any younger. (“Impeach 45! Impeach 45!”)