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Trump: The Press is “Free” To Write What it Wants, But it Writes Fake Stuff

President Trump today responded to a coordinated editorials by some 300 media outlets assailing Trump for his attacks on the mainstream media, tweeting that the press is free to write what it wants but continuing his sharp criticism of “fake news.”

The media are not the enemy of the people, as Trump has charged. That’s a dangerous thing for a president to say. But by relentlessly writing anti-Trump articles while pretending they are not editorializing, they aren’t being the friend of the people either.

Whether Trump is wrong or right to be attacking the media, journalists need to examine their own behavior. And that seems to be asking too much.

11 Responses to Trump: The Press is “Free” To Write What it Wants, But it Writes Fake Stuff

  1. If the Press is not the enemy of the people, then what are they – our friends, our truthtellers?
    The Press is the enemy of people who support MrTrump, who want free and fair trade, who want a secure country, who want a limited government, and who don’t spend every day looking for something to fault.

    This coordinated attack on PresidentTrump is evidence of the collusion of the Press to advance their agenda to remove him from office and to negate the votes of millions of American citizens.

  2. What is indisputable to me is that Donald Trump is more a friend to the American people than the much of the press — which openly despises him and his supporters. The press is our friend only when they are fair and impartial. They’ll never be 100% fair but that’s because they are human. Acknowledging their bias and changing their ways to actually reports FACTS would be a great start to earning back our trust.

  3. Trump accuses the press of coordinated assaults on his Presidency.

    So what does the press do? Puts together another coordinated assault on his Presidency.

    You’re making his point, fools.

    • Yep, they are doing exactly that. They walked right into the mess they themselves created. I note that nowhere in this manifesto of the corporate press did they agree to stop printing/broadcasting fake news. That’s a bridge too far for them, apparently. They will continue to print anything they think will increase sales and advertising revenue, true or not. They will continue to support the moon bat agenda of the fanatic Left and label it as 100 percent truth. And they will continue to believe we aren’t onto their little game. Carnival of Fools.

    • Yep. I posted a comment to that effect on the Boston Globe’s FB page. Was pleasantly surprised to see some support from other commentators not surprised at all to see many posts excoriating Trump and blaming it all on him, although mistrust of the media began long before he became a political candidate.

  4. Disreality has been the great commission of the commercial print/audio/visual press since 1914 AD. Those who owned most of the major newspapers during Wilson’s presidency were of the same mind-set (but far more prosaic) as today’s junior high level tv news manikin reporters, editors, by-liners, etc. who answer to the 3rd & 4th descendants of said owners. Today’s true believers of commercialized media are marked as being indwelled by its hypocrisy by & to which they are blinded. A new ‘right’ should be ‘Freedom From The Press’.

  5. I’m sorry, but as it stands right now, the press is the enemy of the people.

    If the People are ill-informed by an incompetent or malicious press, then how will they know who or what to vote for?

    An electorate that is deceived by incomplete, incorrect, or flat-out fabricated reportage, will not be
    properly equipped for Election Day.

    A herd of misinformed voters is more dangerous to a representative republic than any invading army. An invading army wears hostile colors, and is identifiable as such.

    But usurpers swept into power by the popular acclaim of the misinformed, can always, and do historically, point to their popular election as de facto proof of their own legitimacy.

    If it is to choose its own leadership properly, an electorate must have the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about the government and the candidates.

    A press that is derelict in its duty to properly inform the People, leaves the People, at best voting blind. At worst, a press that is complicit in factional machinations, is naught but the propaganda machine of a rising tyranny.