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Video || Bernie Sanders Declares America “Fundamentally Immoral and Wrong”

You know, the way the left actually thinks about America slips out every now and then, but it shouldn’t surprise people too much.

Appearing Wednesday on CBS This Morning, Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders said:

I think there is an understanding that there is something fundamentally immoral and wrong about a nation in which we have three people that own more wealth than the bottom half of the American people.

Notice he says that there is something “immoral and wrong” about the nation, not the situation he is describing. Because that’s how he feels.

This video was made by the Republican Party, and with good reason. The more the left lets its true feelings show, the better Republicans are going to do in 2018.

Glad to see at least one of the correspondents alluded to the fact that Sanders, Ocasio-Cortez and the rest of them will have to find plant far more of the money-growing trees that they obviously believe in.

4 Responses to Video || Bernie Sanders Declares America “Fundamentally Immoral and Wrong”

  1. OK, I agree – there’s something fundamentally immoral and wrong that Bernie Sanders owns three homes and I don’t. It’s also wrong that his wife earned more money a year than anyone in my family.
    Bernie. What are you going to do about this?

  2. Bernie is a textbook example of lefty moon bats who fell in love with the worse elements of the leftist, madcap, anti-American, pro-Soviet, pro-Castro ideology of the 1960-80’s’s. Most of those poor souls grew up, intellectually and politically. Bernie was one of those who did not.

    A few tidbits about Bernie:

    -When he was mayor of Burlington VT, he formed an alliance with the Soviet city of Yaroslavl, 160 miles northeast of Moscow. In 1988, Bernie spent his honeymoon in Yaroslavl.
    -He visited Cuba, scoring a meeting with Havana’s mayor at the height of Castors reign of terror in Cuba.
    –In 1985 he attended the celebrations marking the sixth anniversary of the Sandinista revolution (sponsored by the Soviet Communist party)in Nicaragua. “In a letter addressed to the people of Nicaragua, penned in conjunction with that trip, Sanders denounced the activities of the Reagan administration, which he said was under the influence of large corporations,” the Guardian notes. “In the long run, I am certain that you will win,” Sanders wrote, “and that your heroic revolution against the Somoza dictatorship will be maintained and strengthened.”
    -He has been a life long, consistent supporter of Marxist policies “the government is your friend and will solve all your problems”.

    Some other fun stories about this strange man can be fund here:

  3. Fun fact, in 1981 I was a student at the University of Vermont (in Burlington) when Bernie was elected mayor by 10 votes. He beat the incumbent Democratic mayor who barely bothered to campaign. It was a big, big shock to the entire city. I didn’t vote in that election as I was a resident elsewhere in Vermont.