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New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo: America “Was Never that Great”

For the second time in a single day, a prominent liberal reveals how they actually feel about America.

Here’s New York Governor and prospective Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Cuomo during a bill signing ceremony in Albany:

We’re not going to make America great again — it was never that great. We have not reached greatness. We will reach greatness when every American is fully engaged. We will reach greatness when discrimination and stereotyping against women — 51 percent of our population — is gone and every woman’s full potential is realized and unleashed.

Earlier today, Bernie Sanders declared America “fundamentally immoral and wrong.”

30 Responses to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo: America “Was Never that Great”

  1. Is he still shacked up with Sandra Lee and still living in her house? hmm.
    I guess her “full potential” is to keep house for him and stay silent.

  2. Cuomo says that “51% of population is gone.” He must be talking about the victims of abortion which he, Bernie and the Democrats support.

  3. The vile comments of Andrew Cuomo and many, many others of his leftist ilk in the months since Trump’s election are the epitaph of the current Democratic party. They are writing the words on their own political tombstones. They reveal far more abut themselves, their goals, their view of the United States than they reveal about Trump. I want them talking all the time–on television, on the radio, quoted in newspapers and magazines so that all Americans can see how dark, vindictive and dangerous they are to our beloved Republic. They are completely detached and untethered from the American people and we will note that circumstance on election day.

  4. [..]is gone and every woman’s full potential is realized and unleashed….”

    Just like Clinton??
    I don’t think there are many sensible woman who would like to be associated with her.

  5. This is what the Antifa, Progs, Academics, and their ilk truly think of our nation. They all believe that they could have done better than our Founders. They are ignorant and dangerous tools. They remind me of the Chinese Red Guard and the fools among the Russian and French aristocrats who thought deriding their government wouldn’t lead to their personal destruction. These people have no idea how privileged and ignorant they are.

  6. Hello Everyone, from the voice of dissent.

    As long as one was white and male, the opportunities were limitless. And limitless opportunities ARE great. The trouble is, if one did not fall under this demographic, barriers arose.

    Remember, it was only 100 years ago when women could not even vote. Even more recently, barriers to African Americans to vote were just beyond brazen. Other minorities too, but the stories of MLK, Selma, Jim Crow, etc. are on the top of my mind as I write this.

    It really cannot be debated that things were, and still are for many, not so great for those not both white and male and even worse for those who are neither.

    There seems to be having a bit of a meltdown because Cuomo called this out. We all know there is massive room for improvement. If we rest on our laurels, we will stop existing over the next few decades, perhaps in our lifetime. When one speaks of things being so great in the past, they’re being myopic. Things were great for those, with exceptions of course, who were white and male. The rest of us had to defer to this patriarchy. When one considers the millions who are not white and/or female*, things really were never that great.

        • As a woman, I think women need to realize that they have never had as many opportunities as they have today. I find your statement claiming that things are “not so great for those not both white and male” offensive.

          • Yes, it is very true things have never been as good for women as they are now.

            They’re still not as good, though. If you were to audit corporate payrolls, you’ll often (not always, of course) find the women are paid less for same jobs as men. It wasn’t a fiction when this happened to me (and my colleague was not only less qualified, he was incompetent). It would be on a blue moon when it’s the other way around. Unfortunately, we cannot audit payrolls b/c Trump reversed the executive order requiring this transparency (at govt contractor level).

            If this is offensive, it is unfortunate because your votes will more likely go to those who perpetrate the disparity. If you think the disparity is imagined, this is yet even more unfortunate.

    • Funny, but, Cuomo is WHITE, his last name is Italian, in which case, if his roots are in Sicily, chances are his blood may contain Tunisian, DNA.
      At one point in history, Sicily was overrun by Moors of North Africa who were Muslims, and conquered North Africa, Sicily, Spain, France, and, even Rome at points in history. So, it would only be fitting to the topic that he feels America was never that Great. In his mind, the Great ones are Moors…. Unless he feels the La Cosa Nostra made America Great….

    • Have you considered leaving the U.S. & emigrating elsewhere? It is insane that 20th/21st century haters of American white men stick around to let everyone know.

      • Can you please copy and paste here the part from my comments where you read I was a hater? Perhaps in my comment about my colleague? He was actually a pretty nice person, but this wasn’t relevant to the conversation, so I left it out. Really, I’m curious. I think you’re imagining this.

        My comment is directed @ Clichae.

        • “Things were great if you were white & male, with exceptions of course. The rest of us had to defer to the patriarchy.” “It really cannot be debated that things were not so great, & still are for many, for those who are not white &male…” The attitude, as conveyed in these words, is one of envy, self-pity & covetousness. These are the seeds of hatred that are exploited by the communist mentality.

    • You seem like a miserable person. You complain about things in the past that have been corrected and that’s still not enough.

      You will never be happy. But you know what? You deserve your misery. Stew in it.

      • I’ve been thinking about your comments regarding my misery with some amusement this afternoon. It’s pretty funny, really. You don’t know anything about me, and you make such a sweeping comment. You’re like the guy who puts salt on his food before he even tastes it. If you’d like to know, I actually have a fantastic life. Family is well, great friends, own a super cool house, great job, my health is at a level where I run several marathons per year, I have bagged three 14’rs in the last 12 months, and I’m over 50! So funny you think I’m unhappy.

        I’m trying hard not to troll you back, so I’ll stop here. Have a lovely evening! I sure will! :-)

    • And btw, your hatred for white males is duly noted. Because you blame them for everything … even though those same, awful white males have sacrificed for more in building this nation than you ever have.

      So, yeah. You hate them. You resent them. You’re jealous of them.

      Sucks to be you.

      • You are wrong. They have not been corrected, although things ARE better. And it wasn’t just white males who built this country. Stop taking the credit. There were a lot of women (and non-whites too, but it would be wrong for me to speak for them) with 2nd class citizen status, not allowed to vote, who made them exist in the first place and raised them well,
        and some, ahem, sir, some not so well.

        Do my comments present a threat to your place at the top of the food chain? You seem quite emotional. Perhaps a glass of lemonade on a nice porch will make you feel better.

  7. Two thoughts: 1) Republicans should come up with some fantastic campaign ads, just using Democrats own words. 2) Of course there are always going to be some people for whom this country “isn’t great”. But I would argue that for those who want to work hard, it is a great country. When I look at what I, a farmer’s daughter, have been blessed to do with the life I have had and what my life would have been like had I been born in any number of other countries around the world, I do believe that our country is indeed the greatest country in the world. I’ve never once in my life felt that I was at a disadvantage because I am a woman. Others may feel differently. Just because we are a great country doesn’t mean that we can’t do better in certain things. But for the vast majority who want it, this is a great country. Otherwise, millions of people around the world would not try to immigrate here, legally and otherwise.

    • Agree. I want them talking and on stage all the time, spewing all their views and “promises”, freely sharing their peculiar views of America. I want every single person in the United States to hear what Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Pelosi, Schumer, Obama, Hillary and the rest of that ship of fools have to say. That will absolutely guarantee Trump’s second term. We need far more Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez types speaking 24/7. That there is pure comedy gold.