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Pelosi Joins the “Everything is Racist” Bandwagon

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, fighting for her current job and to be Speaker if Democrats take the House, knows she needs to appease the left-wing lunatics taking over the Democratic Party, and so she’s decided to start speaking their language.

During an interview Sunday on MSNBC, she said:

Let me re­mind you that when the Re­pub­lic­ans took pow­er when President Obama was president of the United States, what Mitch McConnell said is, ‘The most im­port­ant thing we can do is to make sure he does not suc­ceed.’ If that wasn’t a rac­ist state­ment. That is un­think­a­ble.

Pelosi is not genius, but she’s not dumb either. She gets that merely criticizing Barack Obama isn’t by definition racist. And she probably – although maybe not – understands the terrible road we’re going down when every criticism of a black person is described as racist, and people take the description seriously.

Of course, it’s disastrous for the cause of free speech. But it’s particularly bad for African Americans, because they can become excluded from the normal give and take of debate when attacking them becomes something racist. The last thing, as a Jew, I would want is for someone who criticized me to be accused of anti-Semiticism – assuming they didn’t preface it with, “Hey Jewboy, listen to this” – because then they would be afraid to debate me and wouldn’t engage me honestly. I would learn nothing from them, and I would not be able to have a serious discussion.

The Washington Post “Fact Checker,” which is sometimes less partisan than the rest of the Post’s newsroom, gave Pelosi’s comment the maximum “Four Pinnochio’s,” meaning they consider it an outright lie.

Well, there will be many more such lies to come. Politico notes that the Democratic 2020 presidential crowd is trying to one-up each other with race baiting:

Some of the party’s top potential 2020 candidates are testing a barrage of early — and unusually explicit — race-related appeals in the run-up to the next presidential campaign. Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) pledged not to be “shut up” by critics of “identity politics.” Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), has drawn attention to the disproportionate number of nonwhite people incarcerated in a system he said has “criminalized poverty.”

Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) invoked Martin Luther King Jr. when he called unemployment a “form of brutality.” And while Booker described inequities in the criminal justice system as “the biggest cancer on the soul of this country,” Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) called the system “racist … front to back.”

Of course, Politico doesn’t call it “race-baiting.” Unlike the Post, which sticks to the facts of the case, it describes the Democrats as simply responding to President Trump whom, the Post suggests through others it quotes, is the actual race-baiter. Politico’s “reporting” that there is a justification to the barrage of racial antagonism about to be sowed by the Democrats for votes over the next two years is a disservice to society.

11 Responses to Pelosi Joins the “Everything is Racist” Bandwagon

  1. The Dems are losing their most reliable base – the Black community. The need to frighten them back into the fold with charges of White hatred for them and of course, only White Repubs are the guilty party.

    • …nothing. They only learned correct spelling on the schools indoctrination platform. (“””There theirs are they’re””” big dumbing down “”two””.)

  2. I hoped he would fail too, and he did as far as I am concerned, Big Time! So go ahead, call me racist, the term has been applied to so many and used so much it carries no weight anymore.