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Video || Mike Pence Announces Space Force

Do we need a space force? How the hell should I know? But it’s pretty cool.

I say we let William Shatner command the first fighting spacecraft. That will scare the crap out of the Russians.

Here’s a highly produced video from the White House showing Vice President Pence making the announcement.

What’s interesting to me here is that Pence seems to be given a lot more latitude by President Trump for self-glorification than Barack Obama ever granted Joe Biden. He gets his own videos and plenty of solo photo shots by White House photographers. Clearly setting himself up for Pence 2024. Or Pence 2020, whichever comes first.

Biden almost never appeared on his own in anything. The Obama White House photos and videos were all about Obama. But of course.

Good video. Pence is on his game. You know, to the extent you can make two-percent milk exciting, Pence can be a thrill.

4 Responses to Video || Mike Pence Announces Space Force

  1. Before we take on outer space and whatever’s out there, how about we concentrate on down here, in real-land. Fix the bridge, the road, build the Wall, etc.
    Let the poofy billionaires who have too much money go forward with their own outer space dreams with their money.

  2. Have we had a secret black ops space force for years already??
    Are we already on MARS ?
    Do we have a clue whats going on in Black Programs?
    What is the Q team doing?
    We are the un enlighten dummies,,fed fake news everyday for 50 years.

    • No wonder the Politicians think we are sheep to be herded. Culled at their will…HRC……JC,RR,LL,BC,Bush, ET AL,
      We are their slaves to rob blind.