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Elizabeth Warren Called Out for Saying Criminal Justice System “Racist” from “Front to Back”

This is great.

Elizabeth Warren faced the following question at a town hall Thursday:

As a young American of color, your recent comments that you made a new Orleans are just a little bit concerning to me. You said that the justice system . . . is racist from front to back. I’m just concerned that your rhetoric there is inciting some of the division that you claim that the president is [inciting].

Your darn right he should be concerned. Not only does this spark division, but when a leading presidential candidate, for her own political benefit and demagogic purposes, says the Justice system is systematically working against minorities, it undermines the rule of law.

She knows this. She’s a former Harvard Law professor. That’s why she seems so defensive in her answer.

The racial division in this country was not started by President Trump. It was begun by the left and in particular Barack Obama as president with the outcry over the relatively rare instances of racist police brutality against minorities. Over a few high-profile examples, we have reintroduced racial division in this country that was healing with the election of Obama.

The only thing I got excited about with respect to Obama’s election was that he was black, which indicated the progress this country has made. He quickly got to work undoing the unity his own election had fostered.

From a Wall Street Journal opinion piece on the reasons for Chicago’s unfettered violence:

Police morale is poor. Officers told me in interviews they are afraid of doing their best in a tough situation and then losing their jobs after lawyers second-guess them based on footage recorded by their new body cameras.

Here’s another angle. Brave kid.

15 Responses to Elizabeth Warren Called Out for Saying Criminal Justice System “Racist” from “Front to Back”

  1. “Well, let’s see, maybe I can get him on not seeing the entire interview. By golly, he saw it. Well, go forward with my ‘condemn the system and get ready to nitpick with cases, but laud the individuals in the system’ defense. Oh, and make sure to claim that a significant number of those individuals agree with me — that’s my best move because that claim can’t be checked or debated.”

  2. The Great Eternal Victim’s Crusade continues as White Dem presidential hopefuls claim their virtuous agenda will finally give Blacks true justice. Or something.

    As for the carnage in Chicago, blaming the police is always a cheap shot and they know it. The areas affected by constant warfare isn’t a isolated, mountain retreat, but city blocks that could be easily policed if the City fathers allowed it.

  3. Give that injun some beads and trinkets, and a bottle of hootch. Ohhh, I’m sorry, that was r-r-r… not nice.

    I watched up until the cherry-picked statistics, then threw up in my mouth a little. African Americans more likely to be arrested for pot than whites? That’s because they were committing other crimes at the time of their arrest, and the procedural search found illegal drugs. Gee, why do they call her Lie-awatha??

  4. Whenever she makes yet another speech peddling her malarkey, she sounds like she’s yelling at the moon. I want her yelling speeches all the time. ;+}