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Video || Trump, the Master of Insults

Hoping to get a little bit of President Trump’s mojo to rub off, Republican candidates are trying out the insult thing.

The problem for them, as the GOP presidential primary candidates found out when they tried to emulate Trump themselves, is that it doesn’t work for everyone. You have to mean it.

According to the Washington Post:

And it is apparent on style, where many Republicans are racing to keep up with Trump’s torrent of controversy and strife, whether by donning “Make America Great Again” hats in ads or by hurling schoolyard insults.

“The politics of nicknames is the order of the day and not going away anytime soon,” said Republican consultant Jai Chabria, who long advised Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R). “But beyond President Trump, there are very few candidates who can actually do the nickname thing very well.”

Below are 12 minutes of Trumpian insults that appear to have been compiled by someone from Turkey, where I gather political correctness doesn’t prevent such things.

Start watching. You might find you can’t stop and will make it through the entire video.

Do I admire this? Not too much. Society won’t work if everyone acts like this. Is it funny as hell? Yes.

But Trump’s insults also said something important that voters picked up on. It showed them he wasn’t full of it, basically. Sure, he lies, but he’s not full of crap. There’s a distinction.

Trump is direct. He says what he actually thinks. Or more accurately, he says what he actually wants. Therefore he might do what he actually thinks and wants. Which I think we’ve seen him doing.

And he’s fearless. And that’s what voters ultimately wanted. Someone who wouldn’t just talk about changing things, but who would do it.

That’s what the insults told voters.

Trump and Jeb Bush

“Do you really want to use that word in this forum?” he’s asked in one of the segments when he employs the word “damn” during an appearance before the Family Leadership Summit, a gathering of social conservatives.

“I will, I will. Because people want to hear the truth,” he said to applause that surely surprised his questioner.

Now that takes guts. And in order to try to reverse America’s downward trajectory, voters understood you need guts, not polite.

And watch how his insults allow him to completely dominate his GOP opponents. Voters saw who the strongest character in the room was. This was primal.

Note that this video went up in March 2016. He hadn’t even gotten started on Hillary.

8 Responses to Video || Trump, the Master of Insults

  1. When someone writes the story of Donald Trump, multi-billionaire, entertainer, and POTUS, nothing will be what we thought it was.
    IMO, everything he does, everything he says is calculated, tested, and nothing is what it seems.

    • I agree. Trump is light years ahead of his tormentors. In his “insults” he is using a very old tactic: When your enemy attacks you, make him regret it.

      If you are familiar with “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu, (544 BC-496 BC) you begin to understand Trump and why he says and does.

      From “The Art of War”:

      “If your opponent is of choleric temper, irritate him.”

      “To secure ourselves against defeat lies in our own hands, but the opportunity of defeating the enemy is provided by the enemy himself. ”

      “Never attack your enemy without reason. But if your enemy attacks you, go into his country and destroy your enemy completely and without mercy.”

      “If you wait by the river long enough, the bodies of your enemies will float by.”

      And much more.

    • I think you’re 100% right, SrDem. Trump knows exactly what he’s doing and the dullards that oppose him aren’t “getting it.” And inbred to PC behavior at all costs! they never will.

    • Our awesome President Trump’s IQ and verbal fortitude just stomps on his detractors.
      I was all in for him from the beginning. I correctly believed that his business prowess was just what we needed to bring our USA into prosperity again. He easily plays with his opponents and they have no clue just how stupid they are….they just keep repeating their angst as PDJT intelligently walks all over them.

      • Yes, he knows exactly what he is doing and what he want’s the outcome to be. He baits people and they bite every single time. Amazing to watch.

  2. Hold on a sec.
    Watch the thing again.

    When he gets to NBC’s vaunted Katy Tur and asks her if she even knows what she’s talking about (and she clearly hasn’t a clue) What in the hell is wrong with that?

    Wait. My God. He actually challenged a “journalist” instead of melting into a puddle on the floor?

    The fact that he’s not a scripted political B.S. artist got him elected. We loved then. We love it now.

  3. What a great way to start the day. Trump is a brilliant man. What a pleasure to hear some truths. I think what is telling is that among the debaters at least it can be seen that even they are enjoying his hits against them to some small extent. Our brilliant gift from God — but now we have to keep the Democrats out of office and I’m not sure the populace has that kind of resolve.

  4. Not to worry,
    Trust the Plan…..Q anon and Eye the Spy have said over and over.

    Per Trump EO the Tribunals will start Jan 2019

    Arrest them in late October and then the Trials begin In January next year.

    That is why Gitmo is getting 160 million dollars in Up grades.(more cells?)