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Rove: Yes, Republicans Have a Chance to Keep the House

President Trump, as you well know, needs Republicans to keep the House in order to keep from being impeached. Like, the House sits in January and impeaches by February. Not just that, but with a Democratic House, he will remain under constant investigation by Democrats and the press long after Mueller wraps up his probe.

Assuming Mueller wraps up his probe.

Contradicting the media narrative that Republicans basically lost in the Ohio special election even though THEY WON the Ohio special election, Karl Rove writes today in the Wall Street Journal that the victory held some positive portents for the GOP.

Republicans won because Mr. Balderson was a good candidate and because his rival, Democrat Danny O’Connor, ended up embracing Nancy Pelosi. But the victory was also a GOP team effort. President Trump carried the district by 11 points and held a rally there last weekend; Trump critic John Kasich, who represented the district in Congress before becoming governor, endorsed Mr. Balderson; the Paul Ryan-associated Congressional Leadership Fund spent $3.3 million; and the Republican National Committee and the Ohio Republican Party mounted a massive get-out-the-vote effort.

While Republicans can’t mount this gigantic an effort in every race this fall, neither can Democrats, who were left claiming a moral victory for coming very close to taking an open Republican seat. But close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.

Rove acknowledges a tough road for the GOP, but then writes:

The good news for Republicans is that in 36 of these 50 most vulnerable GOP districts, Republican incumbents are seeking re-election, most with strong district ties and name identification and more cash on hand than their Democratic opponents. Incumbency doesn’t matter in special elections, but it will loom large in the fall.

The bottom line: While Republicans will certainly lose House seats in November, they have a fighting chance to keep their majority. They must re-elect almost all of their 36 incumbents whose districts are R+7 or less, put special effort into the eight open seats rated toss-ups or lean Republican and whose PVI is even or tilts Republican, and go hard after the handful of open Democratic seats that lean Republican.

Here is Michael Knowles of the Daily Wire noting the media’s biased coverage of the Ohio race. Did winning mean nothing for Republicans? Kinda, sorta fake newsy, you know?

6 Responses to Rove: Yes, Republicans Have a Chance to Keep the House

  1. If the Republicans keep the House, it will be no thanks to either Karl Rove nor the rest of his Koch-sucking Rove Republican swill. May every one of them soon burn in hell for what they have done to this country. They are nothing more than the other end of the same steaming turd as the Democrats.

  2. The wall….. the shut down that will come if needed… the jobs numbers… it is hard to see a huge loss…

    Also — look at a few of the losses for the Reps… the PA guy was a knucklehead with an 80’s stylist… gotta be hip…

    Prediction…227 R to 208 Democrat — Hope the math works (if there are other parties just lump that in with the Democrat numbers).