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Poll: Farmers Not Abandoning Trump Despite Trade Stance

It looks like America’s farmers may be able to take a longer, more intelligent view of Trump’s tariffs than the mainstream media thinks. Which violates one of the most prized assumptions of the MSM – that you’re dumb.

A new poll by CNBC and Morning Consult shows that support for Trump stayed about the same in rural areas of farm states between May and the end of July. Farmers understand that these trade deals treat the United States unfairly and that they may have to absorb some short-term pain to achieve long-term gain.

And I’ll bet some of them are also taking a principled stand: It’s not right, and it has to be changed, even if I’m harmed.

Principled stands do not factor into the thinking of the press and analysts in Washington, who only view things through a political lens and see voters’ behavior as entirely motivated by personal gain.

6 Responses to Poll: Farmers Not Abandoning Trump Despite Trade Stance

  1. What “farmers” are polled here – “Fred and Alice” and their 80acre soybean farm?
    What do Dole, Agricon, DelMonte, McDonalds, the 500K acre wheat farmers and all the rest of the corporation farmers say about all this.

    There are still family farms, but the majority of our produce comes from massive corporation run enterprises. What they might lose in tariffs, they make up big-ly in tax breaks.

  2. FYI- “the United States had 2,039,093 family farms (as defined by USDA), accounting for 97 percent of all farms and 89 percent of census farm area in the United States”
    Almost all family farms are set up as corporations and are below 200 acres.
    “Large corporate” farming, contrary to popular beliefs is a very small, almost insignificant, percentage.