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Black Pastors Who Met With Trump Facing Backlash

President Trump probably thought he was doing a good thing by meeting with black clergy a few days ago to talk about moving forward on prison and sentencing reform.

So much for that. These pastors had a lot of courage. Because they know first-hand what the left is like, and that when it comes to Trump, they will never take “yes” for an answer.

Milwaukee Bishop Darrell Hines and Birmingham, Alabama Pastor Van Moody are among those facing attacks for merely sitting down with Trump.

But Moody indicated that he walks with Christ, not with angry, politically correct leftists. He wrote:

As a Christian, my ultimate example is Jesus, and in the spirit of the popular bracelets from years ago I think we have to ask the question: “What would Jesus do?” This answer is simple. He would work to make a difference in the lives of people, regardless of who is in the White House. I pray that we do likewise.

I believe Trump has an opportunity to gain African American votes. I do not think he is a racist. I do think he genuinely wants to reach out to the black community, which is not something Republicans have been particularly good at.

It’s not just that conservative policies benefit blacks, which they do, and that liberal policies are ruinous to them. I think there is something about Trump that may appeal to African Americans. He is a fighter, and he is always under attack.

A population that was oppressed for so long and that today continues to experience racism – although a lot less of it than before – as well as economic and social pain, has to admire a fighter. If he continues to fight explicitly for African Americans through things like prison reform and demonstrating how his policies benefit them, he will gain black voters. Maybe lots of them.

Trump is anti-status quo. And the status quo is not good for black people.

7 Responses to Black Pastors Who Met With Trump Facing Backlash

  1. Just like the ppl of Eastern Kentucky, the government has made promises to make a better for the black communities around the country. Except nothing has ever gotten better. Empty promises to keep them on the government dole and under their thumb. Trump is giving ppl another way and it doesn’t include welfare for life.

  2. I hate to say this, but maybe some of these topics need to be worked, and strategies developed, behind closed doors. Nothing is, or will be accomplished when it’s openly ‘debated’ in front of 330M citizens with each one having easy access to Twittter or FB to express their outrage with politicians being swayed by the loudest, most vocal, posts.
    I’m all for transparency, but our society is too capricious and uninformed (ignorant).

  3. The mental vision of ‘crabs in a bucket’ comes to mind when Black politics is discussed.
    If Blacks want to keep propping up the Dem agenda, then they deserve everything that happens or doesn’t happen.

  4. Yesterday on Varney they had a black pastor from Chicago who wants Trump to get involved there to help stop the violence. He made it plain that he hadn’t voted for Trump because of his “bombastic language.” Fair enough, but the example he cited was Trump telling the Black community that they had supported Dems for decades and where had it got them and with a vote for him, what did they have to lose? I helpfully pointed out to the pastor through the TV screen that wasn’t bombast, it was truth!

  5. When Blacks wander out of the fenced-in corral the Democrats force them into, they pay a price and they are well aware of that. It used to be public hangings by Democrats (KKK, etc.) now it’s mocking comments from the corporate media and a tongue lashing or vile backlash from Democrat leadership.

  6. How coexistingly inclusive of the DemoCong to not desciminate against blacks when it comes to publicly badgering, stalking, & black listing any visible person of influence who wishes to work with President Trump.