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West Wing Rest Rooms to be Modernized for First Time Since Jimmy Carter

This urgent bulletin today from the White House. Among other repairs being done while President Trump is at his club in New Jersey on a working vacation . . .

The restrooms on the ground floor and second floor of the West Wing have not been modernized in approximately 40 years. The planned infrastructure improvements will address safety concerns and will include durable materials and finishes.

Now how did they ever expect to sell the place with 1970s era bathrooms? I mean, come on.

This being the Trump White House, my assumption is the restrooms will not be made “unisex” or otherwise transgender-friendly. I’m just saying. Although who knows, the bureaucracy works to the call of its own master.

And BTW, it’s heartbreaking to think of someone as post-modern and hip as Barack Obama peeing daily into a 40-year-old toilet.

Also this:

The East Room ceiling is cracking, creating a safety concern for the First Family, staff, and visitors to the White House. The cracks will be repaired and the entire ceiling will be re-painted in order to preserve and maintain this historic room.

Good. I guess the North Koreans and the Iranians would get a pretty good laugh if the ceiling to the East Room suddenly caved in during a press conference. Not to mention accusations of an intentional White House attack on the press corps.

15 Responses to West Wing Rest Rooms to be Modernized for First Time Since Jimmy Carter

  1. Historic and old buildings like the White House can’t survive as public meeting places, or 24/7 work environments without constant and massive repairs.
    Perhaps it’s time to construct a working WhiteHouse and keep the iconic building simply as a tourist attraction.
    A lot of Americans live in homes built before running water or modern plumbing and wiring. Keeping them in repair and up to date is a daunting and expensive business.
    Maybe it’s time to rethink the whole DC/establishment in one location , DC- different agencies don’t have to be within walking distance of each other. The DOE doesn’t have to be located in DC, nor do most of the other agencies – we have wi-fi, we have skype, we have modern ways to communicate.

    • Barry might have gone to such extravagant measures, but I doubt President Trump will. Maybe he has gold toilets at home in Trump Tower, though!

  2. Probably the whole plumbing system needs to be upgrades.
    The White House had indoor plumbing installed by 1830, but didn’t have water piped in due to budgetary restraints so servants had to fill the bathtubs from a nearby reservoir.
    Lincoln and his family had to use outside outhouses on the east side of the White House. although there may have been an inside toilet on the first floor as early as 1840, but not hooked up to piping.
    In 1876, the White House had improved piping installed which were hooked up to an attic water tank. In 1902, actual working toilets were installed on all the floors of the White House.
    Information from the Perry Plumbing’s Blog. Feb. 9, 2016, by Harley Perry, “Happy President’s Day! How Lincoln Used the Toilet in the 19th Century”
    Probably, they need to keep upgrading the White House.
    Maybe they could make a duplicate White House, sort of like some of the buildings in Las Vegas, or even I think London Bridge there, as a display, perhaps for informational purposesso people could get a first hand look at what it looks like.
    Security these days is getting so tight, it’s hard to even have people, especially crowds, in the same neighborhood.