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NY Candidate for Governor Cynthia Nixon Declares Herself a Democratic Socialist

This is great news for President Trump. A widely known candidate for the Democratic nomination for governor of New York, Cynthia Nixon, now declares she’s a socialist.

The more Democrats proclaim themselves members of the looney left and decide they want to make themselves a threat to capitalism and economic growth, the better for Republicans.

This is because, first of all, Americans, even many Democrats, are sensible people and understand that economic insanity is not what the country needs after eight years of Barack Obama’s slow-motion growth. So they’ll walk away from the Democratic Party. But Republicans need to generate enthusiasm among their base, and nothing other than Trump campaigning, which he is increasingly doing, will get them to the voting booths faster than the thought that our way of life is under threat. That’s what brought them out for Trump in the first place.

In two years, as this becomes increasingly mainstreamed among Democrats, how many of the presidential candidates will join Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in the joy and self-indulgence of socialism? If Trump ends up running against someone who even approves of socialism, look for four more years.

Also, BTW, the term “Democratic Socialist” is an oxymoron. The endless expansion of the power of government, the takeover of the means of production, and the confiscation of privately earned wealth will eventually result in the elimination of democracy.

6 Responses to NY Candidate for Governor Cynthia Nixon Declares Herself a Democratic Socialist

  1. The phrase Democratic Socialist has been coined to make their brand more palatable to the voters.
    Just like the pro-abortionists decided to start calling themselves pro-choice in order to lessen the impact of their evil ideology and the pornographers decided to call their product adult entertainment to make it more acceptable to the human ear. So go the Democratic Socialists.
    But just as you cannot remove the stink of dead babies, or immoral acts by re-branding them, you also cannot remove the stink of socialism by adding the word Democrat in front of it.

    • There’s something like 70 members of Congress who are members of the Democrat Socialist party. So she’ll have many co-conspirators if she wins.They are not bedrock, traditional Democrats in any sense of the term. They’re directly affiliated with the crackpot Socialist International movement.

  2. So the closet communists are proudly announcing themselves without the slightest concern of being picked up by the FBI for conspiracy to overthrow the legitimate American government, openly running for various political offices & for whom many will vote. The Constitution & Bill of Rights have always been used for their advancement but ineffectively enforced by those for whom said documents were originally intended. Once single-minded Christianism gave way to the isms of the other side, multiple-mindedness insured divide & conquer success. Will the commercial graven image media even report the true outcome of upcoming elections?

  3. Nixon may be confused about what she is and/or should represent, and Capo — excuse me, Governor — Cuomo has figured out how to turn state government into La Cosa Nostra. And a ?? Republican nobody ever heard of. Some choices!