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Trump: I Got 3.9 Million People Off of of Food Stamps

Okay, well, according to the Daily Signal, which is conservative, it’s 3.5 million since President Trump was elected and 3.1 million since he took office. But let’s not be too picky. It’s a welcome change from the Obama administraiton, which was trying to get people ON food stamps.

5 thoughts on “Trump: I Got 3.9 Million People Off of of Food Stamps”

  1. I have read that some are illegals who are now afraid to apply for their anchor babies’ food stamps. Good.

    You come here illegally and choose to have children because that is a good way to game the system. All the fault of any problems is yours.

    I was on customer service with a major company and got one of the strongly accented latino helpers that I guess do double duty in our nation divided by Spanish. I heard in the background a woman yell clearly, “We got us an American baby!”

    Game, game, game the system.

    1. I worked for a Medicaid insurance payor.
      We got pizza lunches & gifts when those “on the dole” increased!
      That was sickening. I had to resign when the managers went to DC to work on 0bama care. …then came back all excited about how many many more people-not necessarily US citizens- the company would be “providing free medical insurance for”.

  2. Record number of “folks” on food stamps…reliance on welfare…low labor participation rate…stagnant growth…higher healthcare premiums – all hallmarks of Obama’s “new normal” which we were supposed to just wearily accept.

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