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Where Were the Calls to Prosecute Obama for Obstruction of Justice?

When Barack Obama did what President Trump is accused of, trying to influence a Justice Department investigation, there were no calls to impeach him or to prosecute him for obstruction. At least not among “mainstream” analysts.

The reasons, in short, are that Obama is favored by the mainstream media and that he didn’t have a special counsel looking into everything from whether he “colluded” with the Russians to whether he puts out the recycling bin on Tuesdays. But Obama did exactly what Trump did.

As you probably remember, last week Trump got in Big Trouble for calling on Attorney General Session to shut down Special Counsel Mueller’s Russia collusion probe, which seems focused on everything except Russia collusion.

But Obama repeatedly sought to minimize Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while the Justice Department was investigating it, saying it was just a “mistake” and did not jeopardize national security. Of course, he was more subtle about it than Trump, because he is more subtle than Trump. But it is clear Obama was commenting favorably and minimizing the potential crime of the subject of an ongoing investigation, Hillary Clinton.

According to the FBI inspector general’s report issued in June, this was deeply problematic for investigators. From excerpts assembled by National Review:

Former President Obama’s comments caused concern among FBI officials about the potential impact on the investigation. Former EAD John Giacalone told the OIG, “We open up criminal investigations. And you have the President of the United States saying this is just a mistake. . . . That’s a problem, right?” Former AD Randy Coleman expressed the same concern, stating, “[The FBI had] a group of guys in here, professionals, that are conducting an investigation. And the . . . President of the United States just came out and said there’s no there there.” Michael Steinbach, the former EAD for the National Security Branch, told the OIG that the comments generated “controversy” within the FBI. Steinbach stated, “You’re prejudging the results of an investigation before they really even have been started. . . .That’s . . . hugely problematic for us.” Department prosecutors also were concerned. Prosecutor 4 told the OIG that Obama’s statement was the genesis of the FBI’s suspicions that the Department’s leadership was politically biased. This prosecutor stated, “I know that the FBI considered those [statements] inappropriate. And that it . . . [generated] a suspicion that there was a political bias . . . going on from the Executive Branch.”

Attorney general Loretta Lynch didn’t like it either.

She told the OIG that she did not think the President should have made the comment on 60 Minutes. She stated, “I don’t know where it came from. And I don’t know, I don’t know why he would have thought that either, to be honest with you. Because, to me, anyone looking at this case would have seen a national security component to it. So I don’t, I truly do not know where he got that from.”

And don’t think that Obama was necessarily just protecting Hillary out of the goodness of his heart. By communicating with her on an unsecured email system, which he did, he too may have engaged in misconduct.

In fact, this is in some ways worse than what Trump did. Obama is trying to influence a probe that is going on within his own Justice Department. That’s a lot easier to do than to have an effect on an investigation being conducted by a special counsel, who has a much greater degree of independence.

What’s more, Sessions can’t even shut down the probe. He’s recused himself. I’ve heard some suggest Trump is uninformed or mistaken because the person he should be targeting is Deputy Attorney General Rod Sessions, who actually oversees Mueller.

But maybe Trump knows exactly what he is doing. Because how do you accuse someone of trying to obstruct justice when he’s trying to “influence” the wrong person?

20 thoughts on “Where Were the Calls to Prosecute Obama for Obstruction of Justice?”

  1. OT:Down post is a video of highlights from MrTrump’s speech in Ohio. Nice, but here is the real highlight, the reason he is winning:
    (Trump stops his limo to shake hands with waiting firefighters)
    About Obama, the man who could do no wrong:
    We know it was more about us – the conservatives or Repubs- than anything else. Whatever he did or said was gospel, just as the current Dems/MSM think today. Nothing has changed other than the names.
    If Obama or Clinton canoddled with Russia, it was for world peace, not a collusion or conspiracy to allow Boris and Natasha to guide policy.

    1. The only reason the feckless POS clown Obumbler would have stopped his limo would be to shake the hands of the BLM terrorist that killed 5 police officers in Dallas. “The police acted stupidly” remember that?

      1. I certainly do. Obama had a LOT of things to say AGAINST Americans who were
        not his voter base. He And Holder are responsible for the rioting in Ferguson & other towns, when he told BLM Thugs:
        “Stay the Course”…Just as the Mayor told us: “The need to have open space”

        There are SO Many things that Obama did to ‘Take America down, as HE is a globalist, who wanted a “One World Order” where America is weakened, our military AND our Constitution he shredded on a daily basis. It was to do his Puppet Master, Soros’ bidding as THEY would become the “Ruling Class
        and we Americans would be peons they ruled.”

        Of course Obama put in “The Fix for Hillary” as she would have been his 3rd term, as Another Globalist, who took money from ANY Nation or People, who ‘laundered it to her Fake Charity’

        Clapper, Brennan, Strzok, Paige,Lerner
        Koskenin, Holder, Rosenstein AND Rino-
        Sessions, etc. are ALL Part of D.C.’s corruption and the Swamp. Obama used ALL his Intel Agencies to do HIS bidding…so whatever they accuse Trump of, THEY are covering up their OWN Criminality, as Hillary PAID for the Fake Dossier, along w/DNC/Podesta who Money Laundered Also in the Russian Uranium Deal.

        INVESTIGATE THAT STUFF, AND THE REAL CRIMINALS ABOVE, AS Mueller(Bag Man who took the uranium sample TO Russia
        in 08/09)Comey & Rosenstein are pals who worked together for years…and I believe Sessions was “The Plant whom Trump Hired Unknowingly, as two wks. after, Sessions “recused himself from the Russian case, but didn’t tell Trump he WAS going to do tells me “Sessions IS part of the REAL Cover
        Up/Clean Up Crew, that is STILL trying

  2. The main reason Barack Obama never faced the same accusations President Trump has, and never will, is because he’s the first African-American President. Period.

    You know it. I know it.

    Actually, had Barack Obama been a white Illinois State Senator, with his record in Springfield, he’d still be in that august chamber debating highway rest stop names on Interstate 90.

    And that’s not racism. That’s just a fact.

    1. An honest evaluation. What credentials did he have for the highest office in the land — except for race.

      A street organizer, a do-nothing state senator — but very charming and photogenic.

        1. Well, lets give him a little credit. He scooped ice cream at Baskins Robbins for a brief time one summer. He was smart enough not to have a hot job of flipping hamburgers.

      1. Obama had no credentials or experience that would remotely qualify him to be POTUS in any normal sense. Period.

        What he did have was the willingness to become a puppet for interests that would seek to destroy the United States of America, from Frank Marshall Davis to Communist Dr. John Drew, to anarchist Bill Ayers to the Democratic Socialists of America (he attempted to run for office as a DSA but was not supported), to US Communist Party leaders Addie Wyatt, Valerie Jarrett, Vernon Jarrett (Valerie Jarrett’s father in law), and Bea Lumpkin, to Maoists and socialists Barbara Ehrenreich, Bill Fletcher Jr., Tom Hayden, Mark Rudd, Todd Gitlin, and Carl Davidson and on and on and on.

        Obama was “designed”, trained, groomed to be the representative of The Enemy Within for many years, possibly as far back as his pre-teen years via Frank Marshall Davis.

        Hillary would have simply continued on the path Obama blazed. When she lost to Trump, all the aforementioned and many more of their ilk went nuts, and still are in disbelief that their best laid plans went awry. They will never, ever get over it. They are the at the core, the heartbeat, along with Obama and Hillary, of all the noise, disruption and proposed calamity we read about every day in the anti-Trump corporate press.

        Read about the bizarre associations and political influences of Barry Obama here:

        Barry Obama and his pals are nowhere near done their work. Watch out for them.

        1. And speaking of The Enemy Within, we have now all read about Sen Feinstein’s very own personal Chinese spy driver:

          But there’s more awry in the Congress with the Chinese government making our politicians rich when they cooperate with them:

          “How McConnell and Chao used political power to make their family rich”

          There’s likely a lot more of this sort of Chinese skulduggery and influence going on in Congress.

        2. Absolutely Excellent, correct & True Post.

          In many circles it is said that it was “Frank Marshall Davis, the Communist from Chicago/Hawaii, that IS REALLY
          Obama’s Father-Not Obama Sr.who
          “Stanly Anne’s Father was a pal with/& set up the marriage to cover for the Commie/Davis.”

          If you see pix’s of the 3 men, it is surely Davis, who mentored
          Obama for 10 Yrs.on Communism, etc.& his Mother prior!

          This, is what Obama HID, for yrs
          as Communists in late 50’s 60’s was STILL TABOO!

          1. Frank Marshall Davis was a major influence in Obama’s life, by all accounts, including Obama’s recollection as noted in his “autobiography”, “Dreams From My Father”. Davis wrote pornographic novels emphasizing pedophilia, and the question has been raised as to whether Davis was a pedophile himself. If that was the case, was the young Obama one of his victims? Accuracy In Media has an interesting analysis of that possibility.


          2. The story of Soviet and American communists infiltrating the leadership in the Black community as far back as the 1920’s and continue full force in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s is very interesting. They piggybacked on the legitimate Civil Rights movement and pretty much set the roadmap for that movement. Lots has been written about it, and here’s just a taste.


          1. The full, no holds barred story of Barry Obama has yet to be told. There is so much distortion, coverup, hagiography and general fakery in the sad tale as told of Obama that it will take years to unravel. But it WILL get unraveled. If the corporate media has spent one percent of the time telling us about the real Obama as they have trying to unseat Trump (that’s really what they are striving to accomplish), then we’d be closer to the full truth. It”s not just Obama, it’s the full story of the tactics, the cast of characters and their affiliations that will reveals ni time.

  3. The fact is that Presidents can’t be prosecuted for obstruction of justice. This is because no law enforcement entity has the Constitutional authority to indict and charge a sitting President. Only the House of Representative can indict (impeach) a President and only the Senate can try and convict him. If the Senate refuses to convict, no further actions can ever be taken against the President.
    End of story.

  4. everyone was too busy kissing odumbo’s worthless butt and too scared to be called a racist, never mind that odumbo was using our Constitution for toilet paper. being called a racist is far more serious then trashing our rule of law in the eyes of some people.

  5. Do we hear God calling us to revival? He is still waiting for a man to stand in the gap. And I do mean a man as God created him.
    Fall on our knees in prayer daily.

  6. Looking for equivalency in treatment from one president to the next is like banging your head against the wall because it feels good when you stop….

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