As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Video || Sarah Sanders Refuses Jim Acosta’s Demand to Say Press Not Enemy of the People

As she suggests, she can’t say otherwise because she speaks for the president, and the president has said the press IS the enemy of the people.

As I’ve noted, I do not think President Trump should be calling the press the enemy of the people, whatever its faults. But CNN’s Acosta ironically reveals in his questioning one reason the press has become such a target.

The protocol in the press room, and among the press in general, used to be to simply ask questions, not make statements. We took ourselves out of it. I once stood next to Nelson Mandela and didn’t try to shake hands with him because that would make me part of the story. And I wasn’t the story.

Acosta makes statements. He makes it about himself. He makes it about the press, not about getting information. He’s done this repeatedly, as do others.

When you are a player in the dialogue, you open yourself up to attack. The press needs to go back to reporting the news and working a lot harder to get their bias out of what they report.

11 Responses to Video || Sarah Sanders Refuses Jim Acosta’s Demand to Say Press Not Enemy of the People

  1. She took little Jimmy Acosta to school, didn’t she? He’s still whining about that tongue lashing from her. He deserved every bit of it. POW! ;+}

  2. There are a lot of statements that President Trump should likely NOT say, but most people understand what he’s referring to. Even the news media that become “outraged”… they do it of course so they can rile up their zombie supporters.

    President Trump has been very successful and most people understand that the media is biased and only report what they decide what to report on.

  3. The media, celebrities, pundits, elected officials, former employees, former politicians and staff, to name a few, are demanding respect, right to their freedoms and opinions. and honor while denying to others.

    Why is it that mudslingers think they would be immune to any mud on them? Why is it that objectivity, common decency, and civility are only to be extended to a few and not all?.

    IMO,the Golden Rule would be the standard to apply.

  4. We have illegal aliens who have conquered the word “immigrant” and taken it for themselves. We have professional partisans who have done the same with the word “press.” I don’t blame Trump for saying that the press is the enemy of the people because today’s “press” is no longer the reporter of news and facts.

  5. It’s all about control: Acosta wants only that Sanders get on her knees and say what he wants her to say. If she did, the fake-press would trumpet forever that she disagrees with her boss and this means there is chaos in the WH because of it.

    Fake news, fake press.

  6. Odd that Acosta is so wrapped up in demanding ‘validation’ from the administration. Just calls attention to the fact that they are indeed partisan pundits with an agenda.
    “I hate you and I focus all my efforts on destroying you. Please tell me I’m not your enemy” (???)

    BTW, Trump IS the American people. MAGA!

  7. Sorry, I do believe (most) media is the enemy of the people. Never before have I seen anything close to what is tolerated now. Acosta is like a whining third grader who deserves no respect.

  8. I also think the majority are not reporting news, but giving their opinion of an event. Journo should never be part of the story, just report the facts and let people draw their own conclusion.

  9. And Acosta hasn’t had his White House access revoked because…?

    Thought experiment. Let’s assume that a reporter for Fox News, or Breitbart, or possibly even The Gateway Pundit, decided to give Jay Carney a whole bunch of lookoutbelow about some demonstrable untruth from King Barry the Wicked.

    Do we even have to wonder if their White House access would have been revoked? Hell, they’d probably have woken up the next morning with enough horse heads in their bed to put Elmer’s Glue out of business.

    Acosta’s fifteen minutes were up about forty-eight hours ago. It’s time for the access list to reflect that.