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Video || Pence Welcomes Home Korean War Heroes

At least one great thing has come out of the negotiations with Kim Jong-Un.

What a moving thing to see these fallen heroes returned to be laid to rest in their native soil. God Bless them all of these service members who sacrificed their lives for us.

And God bless America, which more than any other country, always seeks to recover its wounded and its dead in war.

Apparently two networks barely covered this. Because, I mean, there’s themselves to cover – Press under siege! – and the latest tiny iteration of the Russia investigation.

5 Responses to Video || Pence Welcomes Home Korean War Heroes

  1. I was told that my Uncle, a Korean vet, broke out in tears watching the ceremony. He never talked much about his time there, never had much to say about any of it.

    Hopefully, the military will be able to identify the remains so that 50 families can finally say a proper good-bye to their loved ones.
    MrTrump has done a lot of good things in his 1 1/2 years in office, but bringing home our soldiers has to be at the top of the list.
    OT: What MrTrump has been able to accomplish for our country makes us wonder if we have been so wrong electing professional politicians instead of ordinary citizens. A man (or woman) with nothing to gain, but so much to lose might be what we needed all these years.

    • We also have been watching the ceremony with heavy, yet appreciative, hearts. My wife’s brother, (William) 5th Marines, was killed in the Korean Conflict. He and a fellow forward observer were working their way north toward the Punch Bowl. At one point, Bill stood up to get a better view of the landscape and enemy activity and at that precise moment a Chinese mortar landed directly behind him and killed him. A few years ago we were able to find the man who was with him and he gave us he details of that moment. The body was recovered, thankfully, and was buried with honors in his hometown. He was married and had two small children.

  2. Why would the commercial press cover this somber & sobering event when they (the press) are of the same mentality against which these once living men fought?

  3. I watched this earlier in the week. I listened to the music, admired the decorum of the delivery of each of the caskets – it was very sobering. Maybe those who have never had any attachment to the military don’t grasp the magnitude of the ceremony. I don’t fault them for that, but shame on the media for not making a bigger deal of it. It wasn’t about Pres. Trump. Imagine the family members who never got their loved one home from the Korean conflict and their wondering if their loved one is on one of the caskets.

  4. Wonderful news, CNN and MSNBC suck more and more every day. Proud of my President and VP and even my adopted looney state of Hawaii. God Bless our Fallen Hero’s.