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Woodward to Publish Book on Trump White House September 11

Bob Woodward will publish an book detailing the inner workings of the Trump White House.

According to the Washington Post:

In the worldwide capital of leaks and anonymous dishing that is Washington, secrets can be almost impossible to keep.

But somehow over the past 19 months, the fact that America’s most famous investigative journalist was quietly chipping away at a book that delves into the dysfunctions of President Trump’s White House remained largely unknown. On Monday night, that veil of secrecy will be lifted when Simon & Schuster plans to announce that it will publish “Fear: Trump in the White House” by Bob Woodward on Sept. 11, according to a copy of the release obtained by The Washington Post.

In the book, Woodward’s 19th, the 75-year-old journalist and author “reveals in unprecedented detail the harrowing life inside President Donald Trump’s White House and precisely how he makes decisions on major foreign and domestic policies,” the publisher’s release states.

The expected tenor of the book is underscored by its unsettling cover, an extreme close-up of a squinty-eyed Trump depicted through a gauzy red filter.

Unlike Michael Wolff, who wrote an insder book that came out in January, Woodward is a credible reporter and not at all a raging liberal. In fact, I suspect he is a Republican. But he’s still a creature of Washington.

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9 Responses to Woodward to Publish Book on Trump White House September 11

  1. Woodward fancies himself as the tattle tale of insider politics. He writes books purportedly “exposing” whomever he considers to be a political villain, i.e. All the President’s Men, Obama’s Wars, The Final Days, The Brethren, Veil, Shadow, The Veil of Silence, etc. His writing style is tedious and somewhat boring, in my opinion, and I always find myself asking how much of what he writes is true and how much is conveniently made up. But that’s just me.

  2. B.W. Is of boomer ilk whose verbiage accelerated the anti-America mentality that was created after WWII by the newly liberated, consolidated haters of Christ & Western Man through his commercially endorsed stance against anything/one that would return America to said tradition. Of course the 9-11 date testifies to his position.