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Trump Takes on “Globalist” Koch Brothers

In a early Tuesday morning tweet storm, President Trump attacked the GOP megadonor Koch Brothers, saying they are “two nice guys with bad ideas.”

The Kochs are disenchanted with the current state of GOP politics, making it clear that they are uncomfortable with Trump and his “divisiveness,” as well as the president’s trade policy. The Kochs have gone so far as to say they cannot support a Republican in a critical Senate race, refusing to back Republican Kevin Cramer against incumbent North Dakota Democrat Heidi Heitcamp.

Former Trump advisor Steve Bannon, in an interview published Sunday, told the Kochs to “shut up and get with the program.”

“What they have to do is shut up and get with the program, OK?” Bannon told Politico. “And here’s the program: Ground game to support Trump’s presidency and program, [and] victory on Nov. 6.”

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  2. Hey Koch’s, we DO NOT want you in our country. Move to North Korea and take your I’ll gotten money and businesses with you. You to suck really bad and are really, really hated in this country as the communist you are

  3. “The New World Order under the UN will reduce everything to one common denominator. The system will be made up of a single currency, single centrally financed government, single tax system, single language, single political system, single world court of justice, single state religion…Each person will have a registered number, without which he will not be allowed to buy or sell; and there will be one universal world church. Anyone who refuses to take part in the universal system will have no right to exist.”

    Assessment of the New World by Dr. Kurk E. Koch

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