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Video: Illegal Immigrants Storm Spanish Tourist Beaches

This is one part frightening, one part sad, and one part hilarious, let’s be honest.

As Spanish tourists look on, boatloads of illegal immigrants roll up to the beach, fan out, and then melt into Spain.

It’s sad because these people are fleeing everything and everyone they know. It’s frightening because, who knows who these people are or what they will do? And they are part of the dilution of what remains of traditional Europe and the Western values that underly it. And it’s funny because, well, watch as the luxuriating sunbathers are suddenly confronted with illegal immigrants scurrying into their world.

And they were worried about sharks . . . 

The second video was taken at a nudist beach. Unfortunately, you can’t see the beachgoers. Or more likely, fortunately.

What is disconcerting is that this isn’t just something happening over there. It’s a graphic representation of what is basically occurring at the U.S. border at countless points every single day. Scores of people racing into the country without any checks on who they are or what they want. And any effort by the Trump administration to stop it by enforcing the law is deemed “inhumane.”

H/T Breitbart.

10 thoughts on “Video: Illegal Immigrants Storm Spanish Tourist Beaches”

  1. Yep. @100 Africans storming the beach with only the clothes on their backs. Unskilled, illiterate, non-Spanish speaking, and welcome to the EU.
    The White people of Europe created a thriving, organized, and prosperous life for themselves. Now the non-Whites of Africa demand they get to enjoy the benefits they didn’t work for just because.

  2. As you made have read Nicaragua is in turmoil. Some are fleeing. I think most will head to Costa Rica or Panama. Here is an article about how some are entering Costa Rica. I think it would be helpful if the US send money to Costa Rica to help them take care of these Nicaraguans. Better there than in the US.

  3. I feel sorry for very few of these invaders, most are men, why are they not making their own country’s better? Western civilizations are destroying themselves from these illegal and unwanted invaders. There’s only so many people that can be absorbed into a country, without destroying its culture. In other words: the lifeboat (a country) can hold a limited amount of people before it’s in danger of being swamped.

    1. These are thugs and invaders. Easier to rush in and take what others have than to make your tribe, other tribes, your religion, your corrupted government clean things up in your own country. These guys will be sending money home just like the invader workforce that has done so much harm to the U.S. by working for slave wages and making Spanish a requirement for employment.

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