As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

5 Responses to Video || Trump Touts Surging Economy

  1. Assuming the economy keeps chugging along, MrTrump would be a sure winner in 2020.
    Obama would have been carried down Pennsylvania Ave by the MSM if his administration had this kind of growth to brag about.

  2. Did you notice that when President Trump closed the press briefing and walked back into the building a reporter hollered out “Are you going to Moscow?” (Putin has invited Trump to Moscow) That is all they have…Russia, Russia, Russia.

    I am glad to see that Kudlow was looking well

  3. So what does a at 4 percent economic growth rate actually mean for the country? Is it a big deal?

    It means this:

    — 10 million additional jobs during the next decade, returning the economy to full employment through growth alone, with no rise in government spending.
    –An additional 3,000,000 people would rise out of poverty over the next decade, reducing the burden on government safety nets by $200 billion.
    –1.2 percentage point increase in the aggregate savings rate, making $300 billion available for investment in plant, equipment, and new technology.
    –U.S. households would be able to buy an extra $8 trillion worth of goods and services in the next decade.

    And lots more. It’s a very big deal.