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Trump Denies Cohen Allegation that He Knew About Don Jr. Meeting

Former Trump attorney and all-around fixer and hatchet man Michael Cohen is alleging to the Mueller gang that President Trump knew about a meeting arranged by Donald Trump Jr. to get dirt on Hillary Clinton from a Russian government-connected source.

Trump denied it Friday morning.

Look, let’s be frank. This is was a seriously dumb move. I mean, was nobody thinking? Go to the Russians to try to get dirt on Hillary Clinton? Were there no adults around to stop this?

There is no evidence that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians. But this is evidence that on at least one occasion, they tried. Fortunately for Trump, failure can sometimes be a good thing.

The allegation by Cohen, a veteran liar who is out to save his skin, is meaningless unless he can back it up with emails or some other tangible evidence. Or if he tells Mueller other people were aware that Trump knew, and then Mueller puts the squeeze on them.

Let’s be frank about another thing. This is exactly the problem with a prosecutor given endless time to compile a case. Everybody does dumb things. I doubt the Trump people knew this would be illegal. They were just looking for dirt wherever they could find it.

You sic a special prosecutor on any presidential campaign – and my God, particularly those run by the Clintons – and you’ll find some illegal behavior or attempts at it.

The Russia collusion allegations and the special prosecutor are effectively an effort to reverse the results of the election. The investigation is not fair play. If a special prosecutor investigated Mother Theresa, Nelson Mandela, and Martin Luther King long enough, they’d all wind up in jail.

3 Responses to Trump Denies Cohen Allegation that He Knew About Don Jr. Meeting

  1. OK. He knew about it.
    The FBI and the CIA knew about it, then informed PresObama and his people.
    It’s more than likely that some government agency had Trump Tower bugged with listening devices, so they knew about it and even what was said.
    All of the Obama operatives knew what was going on and probably told the Clinton people, so they knew about it, too.
    Now what?