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Trump to Investigate “Shadow Banning” of Conservatives by Twitter

Shadow banning occurs when someone’s reach on Twitter is limited without it being obvious to them.

According to Vice News:

Twitter is limiting the visibility of prominent Republicans in search results — a technique known as “shadow banning” — in what it says is a side effect of its attempts to improve the quality of discourse on the platform.

The Republican Party chair Ronna McDaniel, several conservative Republican congressmen, and Donald Trump Jr.’s spokesman no longer appear in the auto-populated drop-down search box on Twitter, VICE News has learned. It’s a shift that diminishes their reach on the platform — and it’s the same one being deployed against prominent racists to limit their visibility. The profiles continue to appear when conducting a full search, but not in the more convenient and visible drop-down bar. (The accounts appear to also populate if you already follow the person.)

UPDATE: July 26, 10:00 AM: Twitter appears to have adjusted its platform overnight to no longer limit the visibility of some prominent Republicans in its search results. Read more here.

I’m sure this rarely happens. Thank goodness social media companies, which is extraordinarily powerful, are run by conservatives.

Wait a second . . .

Honestly, given how the media, social and otherwise, are stacked against them, I’m surprised Republicans get elected even in Kansas.

10 thoughts on “Trump to Investigate “Shadow Banning” of Conservatives by Twitter”

  1. OT. Omarosa who use to work in the WH has written a book being released on August 14th. She has been very critical of President Trump. The review says it is “tell all”, “jaw dropping. Recently CBS featured her on Big Brother. They gave her a big platform for her to be critical. Here is what Amazon has to say.

    1. Yes well she can take the FAKE book and stick it ! Enough Anti Trump BS.

      We have had it from the Liberals….
      they are just trying desperately to save their corrupt game…….MAGA and its working!

  2. Back on topic the MSM is controlled by foreign countries…….

    Why are we letting corrupt bad actors control the propaganda machine that is the MSM?

  3. What’s it going to take for intelligent people to realize that most of the social media is run by and owned by radical leftists who think conservatives are evil devils who should be silenced? They decide who and what is allowed, and that’s what free speech is all about.

    1. In other words the Left is not for “Freedom to Listen”. They only want you to hear what they believe. Now many conservative speakers have been denied to speak at a university campus.

  4. OT, sorta. Speaking of Trump’s actions (the Twitter thing), what he’s doing and what’s he’s getting done, I began looking for a complete list of Trump accomplishments since he became President. You know what? It’s very difficult to find one. The corporate media isn’t good about Trump’s positive accomplishments. Surprise, surprise.

    The best list I could find is current to January 2018, and I’d thought you all might find it interesting. There is NO moss growing under Trump’s feet, as you can see by the list of achievements (which likely doesn’t include everything, but it’s the best I could find right now.). It’s actually amazing.

    Lots more accomplishments since January 2018, of course.

  5. Thanks. Yes, it is amazing considering the resistance he has encountered from all directions.

    The biggest one and most long lasting one is getting Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court in April 2017.

    1. For sure on the Gorsuch appointment. Brilliant choice. If a Democrat President, or a Progressive like Obama had accomplished one percent of what Trump has accomplished, it would be on the news every day, there would be monuments in parks across the country, parades in every town on Obama’s birthday, schools named after him, scholarships in his name, TV specials, movies (probably a musical at some point) , coloring books for school children, English class essay contests etc. etc. They would be, as we speak, be chiseling his face on Mt. Rushmore. They would not stop yelling at us about the accomplishments of Saint Obama. And yet, he was the most destructive President in the history of the United States, a complete fraud.

      Politics is weird.

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