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Live Stream || Trump Remarks on Trade

The remarks have concluded.

2 thoughts on “Live Stream || Trump Remarks on Trade”

  1. OT: (sorry MrPresident)
    Sacha Baron Cohen calls the AZ city of Kingman “racist” in one of his phony exposes.
    FYI – Kingman AZ is part of the legendary Rt66 trail and parts of the city still resemble the 50/60’s romance with auto travel.
    It is a charming, old fashioned city in the middle of almost nowhere that kept some of it’s interest after the massive I-40 bypass killed off most of their trade and tourism. They saved some of the older buildings, the ancient RR station, and have a reputation for artists havens and antique stores.
    One of the complaints the residents make about their city is the constant wind that blows day and night. They are situated alongside a small mountain range where copper mines used to be the financial power there.

    This Cohen guy trolled some residents with suggesting that a massive Muslim temple was to be built there and quoted anti-Muslim comments. That is the basis for his “racism” charge, not that Blacks or Asians aren’t welcomed in their city.

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