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The Trump-Cohen Tape

President Trump should hardly be surprised that the lawyer doing his dirty work was doing a bit of his own by taping his client.

And we should hardly be surprised that, given Trump tried to buy Stormy Daniels’s silence, he was trying to do the same for Karen McDougal with whom, unlike Daniels’s one-night-stand, he allegedly had a longer-term affair.

Below is a good summary of what’s going on from Fox News, including the recording in question. It seems pretty clear to me that Trump was saying he did not want to pay in cash. Lanny Davis, who is out of dishonest-lawyer central – he formerly spun for the Clintons, is trying to say Trump wanted to pay cash and that he was acting like a mobster.

The Trump people note that it wouldn’t make any sense for Trump to try to hide transactions if his attorney was setting up a corporation to make the payment.

All of this is disgusting. None of it is surprising. Conservatives, most of them anyway, have made their peace with who Trump is. The mainstream media, of course, reacts to every new bit of tawdry information about Trump as if to say, What?? Someone is smoking pot in a dorm room?

6 thoughts on “The Trump-Cohen Tape”

  1. A wealthy alpha male philandering honestly does not surprise me in this day and age. Paying off his partners who suddenly have fits of morality or money greed doesn’t surprise me.

    Compare Trump to professional, career politicians who present themselves as paragons of family virtue while preying on young women on their staff, etc., and I think Trump still comes off better.

    Of course, I wish Trump did not have these skeletons in his closet — or people in his history who could make claims and get money for their claims — but, yes, I’ll trade Trump and his imperfections for predators like Franken, Clinton, and Weiner any time.

  2. And you wonder why there are so many lawyer jokes? Why so many people make disparaging comments about them? Lanny Davis put the tape out there, but who gave him the Michael Cohen tape? Both should be disbarred.

  3. “….lawyer doing his dirty work..” is biased and unfair to MrTrump and doesn’t address why money was discussed to pay a former lover.
    The hopeful payee was another woman who tried to cash in on a sexual encounter with a rich man who found himself sitting in the Oval Office.
    These money transfers were the means to silence blackmailers who hoped to damage someone with public information on what was a intimate or secret affair.
    Blackmail, plain and simple.
    Of course, all this discussion is moot unless someone can prove that it was Donald Trump that was being recorded, and no one can do that. Maybe it was AlecBaldwin?

  4. So much for lawyer/client privilege. So now I’d like a transcript or recordings of all the lawyer/client conversations between Billy Clinton and his lawyers when Clinton was trying to save his butt in the many rape and sexual abuse charges DURING his own time as POTUS in the Oval Office, thank you very much. And let’s have all the lawyer/client transcripts pertaining to the skulduggery involved in the Clinton Foundation capers and financial get-rich quick schemes of the Clintons while we are at it. And throw in the Valerie Jarrett/Saint Obama taped conversations made public while we are at it.

  5. I seem to remember during the 90’s the defenses of Bill Clinton by the libs/Dems were:
    1) It was a consensual act
    2) Happened before he was President
    3) Character doesn’t matter – just job performance
    4) Everyone does it
    5) It’s between him and Hillary

    WHY Trump would cheat on Melania is beyond me. I’d give my right arm just to be allowed to pour her a glass of water.

    Let’s not forget SOME women find a powerful man very attractive. The fact the guy is rich doesn’t hurt either.

  6. It’s something different every day…all because their “sure thing” candidate lost. The Dems/MSM have been throwing a childish hissy fit ever since Election Day, with no end in sight.

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