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Trump Gains Trade Concessions from Europeans

Well, everyone was outraged and ready to cave in except President Trump, but it looks like his tough stance with the Europeans has paid off again, like it did when he sought to get them to pay more for their defense.

From the Wall Street Journal:

The European Union delegation meeting with President Donald Trump Wednesday agreed to consider changes in its trade policies in an effort to ease relations with the U.S., according to a European official in the room.

The official said European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and his top trade official Cecilia Malmström agreed to work with the U.S. administration to lower industrial tariffs on both sides, increase LNG exports and soy beans to Europe, and align regulatory standards to allow for medical devices to have better market access in Europe, the official said.

Both delegations were still fine-tuning language in a common statement on car tariffs, the official said.

4 thoughts on “Trump Gains Trade Concessions from Europeans”

  1. What is that sound- are the MSM grinding their teeth in frustration again or is it the realigning of who’s the big dog?
    Excuse me for laughing.
    MAGA, one day at a time.

    1. Yep. Trump does it again. The liberal fanatics in the media, Congress and all the other places they hide in, have still not figured out that Trump is light years ahead of them.

  2. This man goes out and gets things done. The media is appalled that he’s ruining the country, while his predecessor tried his hardest to ruin this country and got a free pass. Ppl in middle America love what this man is doing. Ppl on the coasts and big cities better be prepared for 4 more years.

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