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Mainstream Media Deception: Sessions Did NOT “Join” in a “Lock Her Up” Chant

Here is a perfect example of why conservatives think – or more accurately, know – that the media are biased against them and out to get President Trump.

There have been widespread suggestions in the mainstream media that Attorney General Jeff Sessions joined in chants to lock up Hillary Clinton. Take a close look at this story by Politico, titled, “Attorney General Sessions joins ‘lock her up!’ chant in front of high school students.” It is both false and purposely misleading.

Here’s part of it:

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions briefly joined in during a “Lock her up!” chant while delivering a speech to a group of conservative high school students on Tuesday, marking the latest example of President Donald Trump and his aides making aggressive gestures toward their political rivals.

Sessions was speaking about freedom of speech on college campuses when the chant broke out at the Turning Point USA High School Leadership Summit at George Washington University . . .

Chuckling and repeating the chant once himself, Sessions then attempted to move on before saying, “I heard that a long time over the last campaign.”

The remarkable comment by an attorney general of the United States follows other moves by Trump and his aides that have alarmed not only Trump critics but other fellow Republicans.

Now, once you look at the video below, you will see it is very clear that Sessions is not “joining” any chant. He is, a single time, repeating something he has heard. He says it humorously, hardly, as the ostensibly unbiased Politico “news” story contends, an “aggressive gesture.” He’s just chuckling at it, not echoing it or validating it, as many reported. Several headlines say he “repeated” it, which while technically correct, also misleadingly suggests he joined in. He did not.

Then there’s this from Politico:

“I like this bunch, I gotta tell ya, you’re not going to be backing down. Go get ‘em! Go get em’!” Sessions said, when the audience started yelling “Lock her up!” — a staple of Trump’s political rallies that refers to Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while she was secretary of state.

This is simply not true. It suggests that his “I like this bunch . . . go get ’em” comment was made in response to the audience saying lock her up, or at the very least contemporaneously with the chant. But it’s clear in the video that his comment is made well before “lock her up” begins.

Very sad. Keep this in mind next time you hear journalists claiming the media are “just doing their job.” Unless for some reason they’re under the impression their job is to elect Democrats.

16 thoughts on “Mainstream Media Deception: Sessions Did NOT “Join” in a “Lock Her Up” Chant”

  1. What’s really going on here?
    There’s nothing stopping MrSessions from revisiting the illegal internet servers and misuse of classified emails by Hillary, Obama, and everyone else involved in the whole mess – all the way up to the top of the FBI and the StateDept.
    It could be that MrTrump is filling up his political quiver with deadly arrows to be used against his enemies. The basic, bottom line power assigned to the POTUS could be deadly enough, but adding in the threat of a political retaliation should cause some restraint on his opponents.

  2. What?? Corporate media happily writes a story to mislead people about the someone in the Trump administration? Surely, this has never happened before! ;+}

  3. “marking the latest example of President Donald Trump and his aides making aggressive gestures toward their political rivals.”

    Uh, right. Like Democrats NEVER make “aggressive gestures blah blah…” Has Politico heard of Maxine Waters? Does Antifa ring a bell?

  4. You’re right. He didn’t join the chant. Perhaps not by intention, but he started the chant. By not writing about that part, are you not being what you are condemning?

    1. He said it first. They repeated it.

      What part of what I wrote was a “lie”?

      About being judgmental on “lies”, how about all those “I did not pay her off” whoppers (among countless others), we’ve been hearing these past years? Or, are those “lies” acceptable because they serve as a means to a wished end?

      1. @Angel- read the comments under ‘the Trump/Cohn Tape’. It is at least a tie score between the Clinton/Trump sexipades (for which the latter paid good money, unlike the former). Both Clinton’s take the lead where fraudulent fund raisers, real estate deals, misuse of official emails, & the convenient demise of a few of their investigative critics, etc. are concerned.

      2. Fair enough. I’ll share with you that I did not vote for Bill nor Hillary on any election. I was quite young in the 1990’s and I was a Republican then. I specifically did not vote for Hillary in 2016 because she lies. Living in California, doesn’t make a difference, so I’ll often chime in for 3rd party.

        I find it interesting people on this site often use the sins of the Clintons to justify the sins of the current administration. Going by this logic, we all might as well start robbing banks because we won’t be the first to do so.

          1. As soon as someone goes to a place where they have to use a pejorative or a weak attempt to be exceedingly offensive, it affirms my logic has prevailed in the debate. Thank you. Btw, your next post was even more unhinged. Consider meds.

  5. Advanced Russian Prototype Bot

    They may be liars but you’re not helping by acting like joining in on that chant is anything to be ashamed of. There’s nothing wrong with it. Hilliary should be locked up by now. If Sessions had any balls, Hilliary would be locked up by now. At this point I’m hoping that deep state cuck gets fired and locked up along with her.

    I am really impressed by those high school kids though. At least we got someone besides Trump who is telling that little Keebler cuck to do his damn job.

    You on the other hand didn’t even put a disclaimer in your “article” to point out the obvious fact that yes even though the fake news media are liars, those high schoolers’ sentiment was on point.

    I mean how late are you? And how is this is the “perfect” example that fake news is biased against Trump in 2018 when there are no perfect examples it’s literally just the norm?

    They lie. We know. It’s expected of them. Sessions and other cuckservatives however, aren’t doing what’s expected of them. That’s why a traitor is rightfully despised more than an obvious enemy.

    Seriously wtf is this preachy hand wringing article suppose to prove anyway? Who is it supposed to inspire? I mean thanks captain obvious for pointing out the obvious fact that fake news is obviously fake while at the same time demonizing high school millenials for actually going against the grain and doing something right in this era of all eras where leftist indoctrination is the norm in public “education.” Way to discourage them and every Trump supporter who will never stop chanting this until she is finally locked up. Or should I just say nice try.

    Garbage like this is the reason why cuckservative snowflakes disgust me almost as much as the left.

  6. Media sucks big time. Keith is there any way you can change a setting or something so that when we share a post with a video it shows up on FB with a picture? Right now its just a gray rectangle with headline. I suppose I could go to your FB page. Just saying…

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