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Trump: “Tariffs are the Greatest”

President Trump Tuesday sought to reassure supporters and others growing concerned about the effect of tariffs he is placing on millions of dollars in foreign goods, asserting that other countries are now showing up for negotiations that will make trade more fair.

Trump lauded his own tarffis, calling them “the greatest.”

The president believes that the long-term gain will outweigh the short-term pain of other countries imposing tariffs on U.S. goods. He may be right. Unfortunately, the midterms are going to occur before many of the potential benifits manifest themselves.

Still, polls suggest his supporters are hanging in there, trusting in his vision. Working class Americans voted for a tougher trade policy, which Trump specifically advocated. And they are likely more patient and better stragegic thinkers than the Washington press corps, which treats evert momentary situation – i.e. the “news” – as if it it’s permanent.

One Response to Trump: “Tariffs are the Greatest”

  1. No doubt the whole anti-Trump cabal jumped on that sentence as more proof he’s _____ and unfit for office.
    If we know anything about MrTrump it’s that he writes the way he talks.
    He means that tariffs are a great tool to bring countries insisting on unfair trade policies to the bargaining table.