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A Thousand Illegal Immigrants Crossing the Border Every Day

I’ve got an idea.

Let’s catch them. And then let’s release them. And just see what happens!!

“We’re still seeing about 1,000 a day crossing our border illegally between ports of entry, and another two to three hundred arriving without documents at ports of entry,” U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Kevin McAleenan told Fox News.

I assume he means Mexicans coming into the United States as opposed to Americans entering Mexico. Because the latter activity is strictly prohibited. The former, less so.

And this on National Tequilla Day.

H/T Washington Examiner.

11 thoughts on “A Thousand Illegal Immigrants Crossing the Border Every Day”

  1. 25% of the illegal crossings are drug mules who carry the plastic coated rectangular cubes on their backs – we’ve all seen photos of that.
    The demand for marijuana is still strong in cities and/or states that don’t allow medical marijuana or growing one’s “own”.

    The rest of the illegal crossers are headed to sanctuary cities where they think they will find housing, clothing, home supplies, all the food they can eat, free medical care, etc…only to find they must bunk in with 4 other families or find a tent to put up on the sidewalk.

    The unskilled labor jobs are gone for newly arrived illegals, and most other jobs require some education and the ability to speak and understand English. The illegals have been promised streets paved with gold and welcome arms by unscrupulous people who wish to take advantage of their dreams.

    OT: Tequila is a vile, disgusting drink that must be disguised with pleasantly flavored additions to be palatable. Mexicans invented this alcoholic brew because they didn’t have any potatoes or grapes handy.

  2. The ‘walking’ distance from Managua, Honduras to Tucson, AZ is 2,600 miles. Managua to Brownsville, TX (the closest U.S. point) is 1,700 miles. These migrants are not getting here without a lot of help or support along the way. Especially travelling with small children and during the middle of the summer 100F+ temps. There are other major forces at play behind this migration.

  3. Hi Techie, I’d imagine you have read about the turmoil in Nicaragua. I do not think you have to worry about many of them coming to the USA. Going through Mexico is much too dangerous. Most likely they will go to Costa Rica or here. They estimate 500 to 700 Nicas per day are applying for visas to Costa Rica. About 150 are crossing every day. Costa Rica has temporarily amended their immigration laws to allow them to stay for 6 months instead of 3. Costa Rica is housing some of them at Golfo which is near the border with Panama. Many are camped out at a downtown park in San Jose. It is estimated 500,000 Nica already live in Costa Rica. The USA will continue to see many from El Salvador and Honduras come.

    1. My point was that these migrants, whether from Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras or Guatemala, have a hell of a ‘walk’ to get to the U.S. border. Especially to Tucson, AZ. People don’t just decide to leave, and pack up to hike through very rough terrain (Mexico) in 100F+ temps with their children and all the supplies they’d need for a 3 month long hike. This is highly organized.

        1. As your guide suggests, we can thank the “Lion of the Senate” for implementing the changes to our immigration laws in 1968(?).
          I guess, my frustration is that DHS is not addressing the root causes- the people or organizations that encourage or facilitate these poor people’s immigration hopes and dreams. Cut the head off the leaders. Not the poor and helpless migrants.

          1. The Immigration Act of 1965 did away with ‘mostly Euros only’ (the white nations) to open admittance of Africans, Asians, South Americans (‘people of color’) & entire families from beat up territories. This is why class photos since 1990 are indistinguishable from such photos taken in any other nation as far as demographic appearance goes-former white nations are that mixed. The better to conceal the commercial party of national decomposition with, my dear.

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