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Video || What in God’s Name is Hillary Wearing?

Here is some video of Hillary Clinton at something called the OZY Fest, which I imagine is where a group of elitists get together and congratulate each other on their profundity and discuss what an idiot President Trump is and how they must somehow deprogram the deplorables.

Your best views of this are at the beginning when she walks in and at around 41:50 as she gets off the stage. You surely don’t need to listen to anything in between, you’ve heard it many times.

Mrs. Clinton is apparently broke again, because she’s living in a tent.

Okay, okay, before I get accused of objectifying women, Donald Trump needs to button his jacket and shorten his tie. He looks a little like a slob sometimes. Okay?

But it hardly compares to this. Imagine if she were striding around in her bedroom quilt as president? That would not make America great again.

She might have been going for the Cousin It look, though. Not sure.

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  1. Well Keith, That is proof positive that Shrill-Liar-Ly is still enamored with all things Muslim.

    It’s evident that her clothing designer is Omar the Tent Maker.

  2. OK. Well. Hmmm
    The frock is a pleasant color.
    The poor dear looks tired from all the resisting.
    Her love of America is more important than combing her hair.
    She has every right to eat ice cream right out of the carton.
    How’m I doin’?

  3. I fully agree that President Trump needs to smarten up his wardrobe, you would think the Mrs. would have some say. But, as long as he keeps doing what he’s doing I let his wardrobe slide.

    • I seem to recall the previous tenant at 1600 Penn was being lauded for HIS fashion sense…the occasional set of mom jeans notwithstanding.

  4. I don’t care if President Trump wears too long of a tie, an open suit coat or too much hairspray. He has his own style just like some of us do and I don’t think he cares what people think of his clothing. I only care that he is comfortable while working his buns off for the AMERICAN people.

  5. Hillary is wearing a tailor-made ensemble from the new 2018 collection of the Krusty the Clown House of Fashion. It’s all the rage in her circle of rich donors. It’s a nice change from the ill-fitting orange jump suits she prefers, so we should encourage her in her new fashion choices. ;+}

  6. WHEN do the arrests start? Hillary is guilty beyond a shadow of doubt. U1 proven, Server Treason proven, Killary proven.
    ARREST HER ALREADY Why the wait?????

  7. Hillary is either wearing a kaftan (floor-length) or a salwar kameeze, which is muslim dress for women in India — loose top and pants. This is what we women do when we hide weight gain, dumpy figure, or are trying to signal our globalist views. :)

  8. Shrillary looks awful. The bags under her eyes are worse than ever. That hospital gown muumuu makes her look like she just escaped from a mental hospital.

    However, I am far more concerned by what she’s saying than what she’s wearing. All year, we’ve seen the Dems, the liberal media, and some in the establishment swamp setting up the excuse for when the “blue wave” becomes a puddle this fall that Russia interfered in the election. They’re planning on delegitimizing this fall’s elections when the Dems fail to take over the House.

    Yet, until this weekend, we haven’t seen the Dems come out yet and outright claim that the Russians might “hack” the November midterms by hacking the voting machines and changing votes.

    I’m kind of shocked that this declaration by Shrillary at Ozyfest is not major headline news (excerpt from the Gateway Pundit piece linked at Drudge):

    “Old Crooked claimed the Russians are still trying to hack into our computer systems – she took it so far as to say the Russians may actually hack into the voting machines and servers that count the votes during the 2018 midterm election.”

    Shrillary is the first to explicitly claim this. She’s setting up the excuse for the Dems’ failure this fall. I’ve seen it coming all year, but now we have confirmation that these claims will be made when they lose the midterms. It’s going to be “Russia, Russia, Russia, they hacked the election” all over again.

  9. A salwar kameez, which is very popular in northern India (all religions) and many muslim countries. However, she FORGOT to wear the scarf, or dupatta. I wear these a lot in India. They are very attractive WHEN they are fitted and tailored correctly and don’t look like tents.

  10. Hey look at that! She managed to walk without tripping or falling or fainting about 8 feet unaided. I bet the muumuu is hiding the guide wires that keep her upright.

  11. Far be it for me to tell you what you should publish on your blog, but you can stop pretending you’re a real journalist, Keith.
    What is this, “White house dossier(Mean girls edition)”?
    By this time in Obama’s term, they were focusing on real issues like health care.
    But you guys carry on debating what s/he wore and how bad it is. Nothing substantial to discuss about Trump anyways.

    • “By this time in Obama’s term, they were focusing on real issues like health care.”

      Yeah. And how’s that going? Subsidies stripped. No individual mandate. Sky-rocketing rates. Lower access.

      I’d think you’d be wanting to talk about Hillary’s wardrobe.

      • @jimg, It’s great – at least here in CA the Covered CA market is thriving. Sure, the premiums are rising but as a small business owner (with unfortunately a preexisting condition), at least I have the option of getting insurance, unlike before.
        Sure, it’s not perfect but I would rather settle for something imperfect than a pie in the sky “bing bing bong bong” ;)