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Trump to Iran: Never, Ever Threaten the United States Again

Iran threatened the United States. President Trump told them not to do that.

“America should know that peace with Iran is the mother of all peace, and war with Iran is the mother of all wars,” Rouhani had told a meeting of Iranian diplomats.

While it certainly feels great to respond so forcefully, I’d like to know if Trump is ready for a war with Iran. I’m certainly not. Unless Iran is on the verge of making nuclear weapons, there’s no reason to start a war at the very moment protests within Iran are gaining strength.

The difference here is that Iran makes idle threats we can ignore. The United States should never make idle threats, because doing so undermines the legitimacy of what we say and destroys our ability to influence world events.

I assume Iran will shut up, because they don’t know what Trump will do. Because if we don’t know what Trump will do, then they don’t.

But Trump should not be threatening war in any case. Now that he has ended the Iran nuclear deal, let the sanctions have their effect, step up propganda toward average Iranians, and see if the Ayatollahs are overthrown.

13 thoughts on “Trump to Iran: Never, Ever Threaten the United States Again”

  1. Gotta’ get used to the end of French kissing these motherf*@kers from the Oval, eh Kurt?
    It’s ok. We’ll give you some time. After all, eight years of bending over from Barry ain’t gonna clear up in flash.
    BTW, that mother-of-all-wars bullshit has already been used, no?
    This one wouldn’t lady a day.

    1. Oh. Yeah. One more thing.
      We have so much hardware aimed right now at these @ssholes, that Rouhani and his crew wouldn’t make it to the airport for their flight to Switzerland.

  2. Death to America is not an advertising motto, but a threat to demolish our beloved country.
    The POTUS’s first job is to protect us and MrTrump is doing just that.

  3. I do believe the message needed to be delivered in the strongest terms possible without being sent via cruise missile. Trump is making sure Tehran gets it.

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