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Trump: FISA Warrant on Carter Page was Deceptive

President Trump Monday issued a series of tweets codemning the Obama administration’s misleading of the FISA court to get it to allow surveilance of Trump campaign advisor Carter Page. For the most part, what he tweets us accurate.

In an excellent piece this morning, Byron York demonstrates how the just-released, heavily redacted FISA warrant itself support the claims in the “Nunes Memo” produced by House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes, R-Calif., which stated that the FISA applicaiton was made without noting that it was based on “evidence” PAID FOR BY THE CLINTON CAMPAIGN.

“Readers will search the FISA application in vain for any specific mention of the DNC, Clinton campaign, or any party/campaign funding of the dossier,” York writes.

Trump writes:

1 thought on “Trump: FISA Warrant on Carter Page was Deceptive”

  1. Until the Dems/MSM started the Russia/Russia chant, we had no idea that such a court as FISA existed in our country and what it could do to American citizens. We were not aware that our FBI, our “untouchables”, were headed by a cabal of political operatives who believed their opinions allowed them to target anyone they chose for investigation. We would not have believed the Dems were intolerant, unable to hear other opinions but were willing to resort to violence and/or fascist actions to diminish anyone who dared to speak their mind.

    We know all this now. We now know that if Hillary had been elected, the freedoms we take for granted would have been wiped out by an increasingly socialist/communist ruling class in DC.

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