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Democrats Stalling Kavanaugh Confirmation

Apparently trying to delay the confirmation until after the election, when they hope to seize control of the Senate, Democrats are refusing to meet with Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and are demanding to review around a million documents related to his past work.

That would, I imagine, set us up for a vote sometime in 2024. McConnell wants a vote by October 1 of THIS year, the day the Supreme Court goes into session.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer says he won’t meet with Kavanaugh until Republicans agree to provide the documents. Other Democrats are following his lead, and while Kavanaugh has met with many Republicans, he has not sat down with a single Democrat.

That’s fine. McConnell certainly played political games by refusing to schedule a vote of Barack Obama’s nominee Merrick Garland, even though he was nominated ten months before the next president would take office.

But Democrats have a problem. They don’t run the Senate, as McConnell surely will remind them. Also, if they delay things in October, red state senators defending their seats will have less time to campaign. And the closer it gets to the election, the more the Kavanaugh issue will motivate conservatives to go to the polls. The Supreme Court, remember, was one of the biggest issues for conservatives in 2016.

So the Dems are playing poker, but they’ve got a losing hand.

4 thoughts on “Democrats Stalling Kavanaugh Confirmation”

  1. The Supreme Court is not supposed to be a place for partisan politics or particular views, but rather a forum to decide if a law or action meets a Constitutional truth.
    The shame of it all is that liberal vs conservative rulings have ruined the people’s trust in a fair shake from all courts and judges.

    1. You’re correct, of course. But it’s never been the case. Read Mark Levin’s “Men in Black”. SC nominees are subject to the most invective-filled partisan attacks in Washington, particularly in the past 30 years. Judge Bork, for one example.

  2. Every single democrat will vote NO to confirm yesterday, today, tomorrow or October. That is the undeniable fact. WHY do they need documents or testimony-as if they were possibly going to vote yes. It’s ONLY up to McCain and the women R senators.
    That’s it….. Stole the charade and vote now…….sheeesh

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