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Trump to Host Putin at the White House this Fall

The news came via a tweet from White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders. Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats was informed while appearing live on TV.

Barack Obama somehow never bothered to invite Putin to Washington or meet with any Russian leader since having temporary Russian presidential figurehead Dmitri Medvedev, who was warming the office for Putin, over in 2010. I gather he figured he might be accused of being concerned about Russia after telling Mitt Romney it wasn’t a problem.

It’s good to see Trump is willing to pursue what he thinks is in the best interests of the country even while being accused of colluding with Putin. It would be a lot easier for him not to have this meeting.

9 thoughts on “Trump to Host Putin at the White House this Fall”

  1. Putin has visited China at least 3 times in the last year. He has just had a state visit to China while the G7 meeting was going on in Canada. The media generally didn’t bother reporting this. So obviously Russia is snuggling up to China and President Xi. This in itself is very worrying. The world doesn’t need a close alliance between those two very large military powers. So it makes sense to keep Russia onside, although the media would never dream of reporting any of this.

  2. At least Trump is giving him the benefit of the doubt.
    Dems heads will explode but the internet is rife with pictures of them cuddling up to the Russians.
    Let’s see what happens.

  3. Putin is a close ally with Ortega in Nicaragua. The rest of the world has condemned Ortega for what he is doing to his people. Let us see what Putin does. At least Trump has an open door to visit with Putin about the Nicaraguan problem.

    1. Interesting you bring that up. Putin is moving big time in Nicaragua–supplying them armored tanks, small weapons, high level military training, money on a sort of lend lease basis. Putin is also active with military and financial support in Brazil, Venezuela, Bolivia and Paraguay They are definitely a strong presence in Cuba, as you might have guessed. Additionally, Al-Qaeda, Hezbollah and Hamas are all extremely active in South America, along with Chinese money and military aid.

      So, bottom line, we are extremely vulnerable to threats from our southern border, thanks to the Obama administration. It’s much bigger than drug running, though that is a major feature of Hezbollah’s activity (to fund their activities). Very bad things are happening in those countries south of us, and the Obama administration did absolutely nothing about it. And now Trump is trying to address the situation–with a wall, improving Border Patrol activity, etc., and thus make us a bit safer.

      The Democrats know all this and are furious that Trump is trying to address the crisis developing south of us. And the corporate media, of course, is purposely, completely, totally ignoring the situation, something they do very well when it suits the lefty Democrat agenda.

      1. Marcus, you are one of the few who are paying attention to what is going on down here. France 24, DW TV, Al Jezeera and One America News will do reports.

        1. Thanks. It’s also obvious to me that the reason the fanatical Left and the Democrats want “open borders” is to make is as easy as possible for the groups I mentioned above to come into our country and commit the havoc and murders they create around the world. That’s the plan. It’s so obvious.

  4. You say, “It would be a lot easier for him not to have this meeting.”
    I say, having it would be a lot easier to help Trump succeed with NoKo.

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