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Trump Reminds Everyone that There Was a Summit with Russia Too

You would think nothing else happened in Helsinki from most of the reporting other than a single comment by President Trump. But why report on a substantive event when you are given a golden opportunity to bash the president?

Now, I fully believe that Trump’s suggestion that he might accept Russian President Putin’s word over that of our own intelligence agencies was disgraceful, and I’m glad he walked the comments back. But as Trump pointed out in a series of tweets Wednesday morning, there was a very significant meeting in Helsinki between he and Putin which will have significant  ramifications for the world. But nobody seems to care. They’d much rather experience the joy of hating the president.

Has anyone done serious reporting to find out what was actually said in the hours of meetings between the leaders? Maybe something good for the United States, particularly with respect to countering China, which is an even bigger threat, at least in the long term, than Russia.

9 Responses to Trump Reminds Everyone that There Was a Summit with Russia Too

  1. Yesterday the Democrats proposed that Congressional hearings should be held so that the interpreter of the meeting could be questioned in order to find out what Trump “gave away”. The larger question is what was accomplished. Appears one thing is Russia is going to help the USA with solving the North Korea problem (see 3rd Tweet).

    • Meanwhile Democrats never examined (or even questioned) the money Obama gave Iran, or the 20% of our uranium that Hillary gave to Russia!

  2. The question asked out here in flyover country is “What did he say that was so bad?” and we don’t have the answer. What did we miss, what crime of speech did PresTrump commit that called for such actions of the MSM and every elected elite that could find a microphone and a camera?
    If it was that he doesn’t trust our intelligence agencies, well neither do we. They’ve proved to be sneaky liars who seem to hate all of us.

    IMO, MrTrump didn’t walk back any statement willingly, he was bullied and threatened with his arm twisted behind his back.

  3. Where were all the Democrats 35 years ago when Reagan was denouncing the Soviet Union as “the Evil Empire?” They were screaming as loud as they could that “that crazy old man is going to blow up the world.” They were total apologists for the brutal Communist regime in the USSR. They were calling for unilateral disarmament (anyone else remember the SANE Freeze ovement?)

    NOW they’re screaming, “The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming!”

    And don’t forget Teddy (swimming pool) Kennedy initiated contact with Andropov to stop Reagan’s reelection.

    • Remember when Obama snidely told Mitt, that HE didn’t think Russia was a threat? Someone (with a back bone) should ask Obama just how flexible he got with Russia after his re-election? Considering how Hillary has to be helped up & down stairs, or into her van, she was amazingly flexible with Russia.

  4. At this point (07-18-2018) with all the deep state (Brennan, etc) calling for impeachment; I don’t trust our own (USA) intelligence system. I think Trump meant what he originally said and I don’t blame him (Trump) especially since I watched Comey, Lynch, Rosenstein and Strzok testify before congress. (crooks)Because of books of history I’ve read not sure we should have trusted them since WWII also based historical information currently available. In my opinion the deep state goes back to WWII.

  5. The responses of the corporate media, the moon bat Progressives and spineless RINOs to the Helsinki meeting, were prepared long before the meeting was actually held. No matter what was said or what occurred at the meeting, the only goal was to deride and mock Trump. We all understand that. It was just a matter of filling in a few blacks in the narrative, post-meeting.