As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Video || Trump: “I Accept” U.S. Intel Conclusions on Russia

As I suggested earlier, Trump is walking back what he did.

Okay, I’m not saying he did it at my suggestion, just that this is what I thought he should do, and I’m glad he did it.

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7 Responses to Video || Trump: “I Accept” U.S. Intel Conclusions on Russia

  1. It would be hard to be too gushing about the intelligence services that have been politicized and have been spying on you for the last several years, since goodness knows when.

  2. Or this “17” intelligence agencies that were fully aware of Russia’s tactics and did absolutely nothing to mitigate the damage since they were too busy trying to assure Hillary’s victory. It’s really a darn shame on all of us.
    btw, does anyone know if there is any singular ‘central’ cyber security agency (besides the DOD) that is focused on developing future barriers and stop transgressions? Or is every department out for itself.

    • I think President Trump and Rick Perry have been working on something with President Trump’s Cyber Security initiative via Energy. They have played it down as being related to hardening the electricity grid, but there are other hints as well: Perry forced the VA to move all of their computing onto Energy’s systems, and the DOE website has a doc that says “This DOE Cybersecurity Strategy will focus attention on our critical cybersecurity
      mission of protecting our Federal
      systems and networks.” so I suspect that Energy is running the show for all of US Cyber Security planning and implementation. Now, if we could only get someone competent to run the investigation and prosecution elements…

  3. Now that the Clintons can no longer enrich themselves by acting as Russian lobbyists, the Left hates Russia because “most” Russian ethnic groups are not “people of color”. And the Cult really hates Russia because it is a Christian nation undergoing Revival.

    Meanwhile, everyone – every one – very carefully averts their eyes to the outrageous and well-proven Chinese interference at all levels of our government, spying and influencing in every agency, including so much computer hacking that the Chinese government knows more about Federal business and employees than all of the 17 US spy agencies who lie to us and Congress put together.

    In fact, I have been wondering if it isn’t China behind the “Russia Russia Russia” charades.

  4. Good God, Tina. You made a real point on the possible China “Russia, Russia” charade. Anyone that doesn’t believe China is our worst enemy has it wrong.