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Trump: Brennan is a “Very Bad Person”

In an interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson to be aired Tuesday night, President Trump called former CIA Director John Brennan a “very bad person.”

Brennan, a longtime Trump critic and ally of Barack Obama, had characterized Trump’s performance at a press conference with Vladimir Putin as “treasonous,” presumably for suggesting Putin might be right and U.S. intelligence agencies wrong about Russian spying during the 2016 election.

8 Responses to Trump: Brennan is a “Very Bad Person”

  1. Brennan, our genius, super-spy expert on all things Russian, voted for Gus Hall for President of The United States back in 1980.
    You remember back that far? When The Soviet Union was actually a bit more imposing than a natural gas pipeline for Europe, a military full of drunks, and ancient aircraft carriers and destroyers belching diesel smoke as they criss cross the high seas?

    Our vaunted “Intelligence Community” that got Iraq wrong, the Iranian revolution wrong, the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan wrong, the collapse in ’91 of the USSR wrong, and blew the 9/11 attacks, also proffered fraudulent FISA material to a federal judge three times to wiretap American citizens working for candidate Trump.

    I have no problem with President Trump’s description of them.

  2. President Trump grossly understates the magnitude of Brennan’s perfidy. Along with that of every “Law Enforcement” officer enabling him, as well as our “outstanding” “Legal” system.

  3. Tucker Carlson…. So much good hair…and he wastes it on that stupid haircut.. Get a cool haircut dude…Stop listening to your wife and ask our 4 daughters to take you to the Great Clips (or wherever)….

    On a serious note…keep plugging away at the Deep State Mr. President

  4. What did Putin tell MrTrump in their private conversations.
    The anti-Trump cabal thinks Putin has something compromising on MrTrump, and he might, but is Trump the only American political figure that Russia has dirt on, and do they know things about the Clintons , the Obamas, and all the rest, too?
    PresTrump wanted to meet with Putin even when his advisors told him not to do that. MrTrump was going to the main-guy for information and background on what the heck is going on.
    The hard left and anti-Trump people went ballistic because MrTrump was smiling and didn’t punch Putin in the nose. They are afraid now and fearful people talk crazy.

    Brennen wants MrTrump to face a firing squad for talking to Putin. He’s crazy.