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Obama Attacks Trump From South Africa

Of course, it doesn’t seem that he mentioned President Trump directly, but everyone knew whom he was talking about.

A former president, Barack Obama, assailed the current president in front of an appreciative crowd overseas.

“You have to believe in facts,” he said, to knowing laughter from the crowd. “People just make stuff up.”

Obviously, he’s referring to Trump. Not himself, the one who told us we could keep our doctors and make secret deals with Iran.

But I doubt it matters much to Obama where he is. He’s a citizen of the world, after all.

27 Responses to Obama Attacks Trump From South Africa

  1. Under Obummers watch, Crimea was lost, the Ukranians given toilet paper and toothpaste when they asked for defensive weapons to fend off Putin. Estimated that hundreds of thousands of Syrians dead because Barack Obama’s red line was bupkis, and the “J.V team with a Lakers jersey” of ISIS metastasized into hell on wheels.

    Stay in Africa, Barry. Write another book. Learn how to herd goats.

    Find something useful to do.

    You’ve been an abject failure here.

  2. Al Jazeera showed the beginning of the speech where Obama described how the European nations divided up Africa after World War One. They imposed colonialism which included racism. In normal Obama fashion he played his blame game card. The white man is to be blamed for African’s ills. He did not say one thing about the present day black racist president of South Africa kicking out the white farmers. The same mistake Mugabe did in Zimbabwe. He turned Zimbabwe from the breadbasket of Africa to a basket case. Racism goes both ways.

  3. Whenever Obama, Hillary, the corporate media and the rest of similar riff raff try to trap Trump they look like Wily Coyote chasing the Road Runner. Just when they think they have finally trapped Trump they look up just in time to see a 5 ton rock coming down and about to crush them. Again. Like Wily Coyote, they just never learn.

    • A friend of mine traveled to Kenya a couple of years ago, and she told me there is no question in the minds of the Kenyans there that Obama was born in that town. They talk about it all the time, show the place where he was born, there’s a little monument of some type in the town that reads “This is where Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States was born.” They’re very proud of it, she tells me. Apparently, Saint Barry is not.

  4. First of all, after 1-1/2 years I am already tired of hearing the Obungler referred to as,”former president” – He never proved that he was a legitimate president what with all of his “Sealed records”. I was incensed to hear him called president for 8 long years.

    Perhaps without the 1st Mooch by his side – à la, Billary and Shrillary, he is getting closer to living out his life nearer to his Kenyan roots – Funded by the U.S. taxpayers, of course.

  5. B.O. seemed to be pointing out that the world is gathered in the ‘valley of decision’: strong transcendent male leadership or John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’. As a red diaper baby, B.O. echoed his real father’s (the communist poet Frank Marshall Davis) preference for the latter which insures the ‘more equal’ status for antiChrists like himself.

  6. He’s an illegimate bastard from birth, an illegimate bastard promoted to a position he was not qualified nor eligible to hold by a traitorous political party. It’s well past time to #DrainTheSwamp, prosecute the traitors and #LockEmUp

  7. Wow interesting comments !! May this be the appetizer my President has on this horrible person! Dessert to follow…
    Thanks Marcus I truly believe he is NOT of this chain of islands.

  8. Citizen of the world, indeed. The rest of the world indeed. As to where he was born…it no longer matters, he is done being president and we need to all let it go. Going on and on about it at this point accomplishes nothing. There are far more important matters to deal with including the Deep State gunning for our CURRENT President. And thank God it’s Trump not Clinton!

  9. POS O nly B lacks A nd M uslims A llowed

    or O ne B lack A ss M istake A merica tried his damnest to destroy the USA. Thank Goodness PATRIOTS VOTED FOR POTUS TRUMP TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN ! Piece Of Shit DUMBAMA would have never been allowed to ron for POTUS if he would have had to pass a security clearance.