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Video || Trump: Mueller Probe “a Disaster for Our Country”

President Trump said during his press conference in Helsinki Monday with Russian President Putin that the Mueller investigation has unnecessarily hindered ties between Russia and the United States, saying, it “has had a negative relationship between the two largest nuclear powers in the world.”

H/T Washington Free Beacon.

One Response to Video || Trump: Mueller Probe “a Disaster for Our Country”

  1. Where the Mueller probe has been damaging is it’s undermining of a legitimately elected president. It is a wedge.
    The entire affair is driven by the deeply ensconced denizens of DC that see Trump as a threat. Not to our country, but to their comfy little fiefdoms. It is the insiders looking to weaken and/or expunge the outsider.
    I don’t like the accusation of “treasonous,” but it is certainly;y detrimental to our nation.