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Video || The Strzok

Our friend theronniebuss noticed something scary about disgraced FBI investigator — at least, he should be disgraced — Peter Strzok, who testified before Congress last week.

4 thoughts on “Video || The Strzok”

  1. What’s truly scary is that he still works for the FBI.
    Anyone in the private workplace caught writing such hateful, disturbing, and threatening texts about their boss would have been fired immediately.
    ot: We get that this man, and others, really hate MrTrump, but what we don’t get is Why?
    MrTrump has always been supportive of law enforcement and posed no threat to their jobs or their futures, so what was the motive and why would Hillary have pleased them.

  2. A ‘still’ of his face wearing that expression was circulating on Facebook late last week. I think he’s full of hate for Trump, his administration, Republicans in general both in and out of Congress, and anyone who voted for Trump. He needs an exorcism applied by a grand jury, an indictment, a trial, and prison.

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