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Trump Indicates He May Believe Putin Over His Intel Agencies on Russia Hacking

President Trump Monday suggested that he might take Russian President Putin at his word that Russia did not interfere in the 2016 election.

Trump was asked whether he blieved U.S intelligence agencies or Putin.

Trump said:

[Director of National Intelligence] Dan Coats came to me. They said, they think it’s Russia. I have President Putin, he just said it’s not Russia. I will say this, I don’t see any reason why it would be . . . I have great confidence in my intelligence people, but I will tell you that President Putin was extremely strong and powerful in his denial today.

28 thoughts on “Trump Indicates He May Believe Putin Over His Intel Agencies on Russia Hacking”

  1. IF, if any Russian national hacked the DNC server or Hillary’s cell phones, then the Russian State Gov’t was well hidden or even not directly involved.
    There were no Russian agents gathering up voters in Ohio or Michigan to entice them to vote for MrTrump, and no Russian convinced the coal community in PA/W.VA to vote for the guy who promised to lift the regulations that killed their industry.
    This whole issue is beyond tiresome and irrelevant to every American as they go about their private business.
    Hillary lost to Trump, Hillary also lost to Obama. If the Russians were involved in any way with our national elections, it would have been to favor Barack Obama.

  2. The President’s visit with Putin is causing more liberal heads to explode, that’s a good thing. The Russians would have wanted Hillary in office, not the other way round.

    1. Of course that’s what Putin said publicly. What did you expect him to say at the podium with Trump standing there? That he hoped Trump would NOT win the Presidency? That he was sorry Hillary lost? You could not possibly be that naive.

  3. Although Trump’s explanation was a bit off point, it still seems clear that the idea was “show me the evidence”, which leads to two major points:
    1) There is little to none pointing to Russia.
    2) The DNC worked hard to hide evidence.

    Why the libs (including the DNC) would continue to get bent out of shape about Russia’s potential involvement is beyond me since it didn’t and doesn’t make any difference. Their most likely potential goal is to encourage ongoing hysteria in their base. And they’re doing a good job.

    If we don’t have any evidence, let it go.

    1. You ask this in the light of the efforts of the CIA, the FBI and the DOJ to undermine the candidacy of Trump? Really? Peter Strzok, out of dozens of examples, is a good place for you to begin to catch up.

      1. Do you think if there was any real, credible evidence, Trump would NOT be run out of DC on a rail? Almost the entire free press, the left as a whole, and half the (so-called) conservative politicians live and breathe hatred for the man.

    2. No credible evidence of that has been unearthed to date. Until there is, IF there is, you’re just peddling fairy dust.

  4. As Ex-FBI chief James Comey stated, Hillary Clinton was “extremely careless” with her E-mail systems. So, how can anyone be surprised (“shocked”) that “someone” hacked the system? She and the Democrats are reaping the whirlwind for their unmitigated arrogance.

    1. No, don’t think so.
      The rules state the “runner-up” gets the crown if the winner resigns.
      So-o-o, that would be SenTedCruz as the next Preezy.

  5. Completely OT, but I wsas remembering how Saint Obama, during his infamous tour of the Middle East early in his Presidency, reminded his Muslim audience of the ENORMOUS contributions of “our Muslim Founders”. Yea, he did. Well, we all remember Ali Ben Franklin, for example, don’t we? Just made me laugh at Obama all over again. whatta piece of work he is.

    OK, back to the topic. ;+}

  6. The top of the fbi and the democratic leadership of the Congress teamed up with the soros group to overthrow the greatest president of USA to destroy us in the name of impossible globalization with Americans of all ethnicity sacrificed for their greater good.

  7. Looks like Trump doesn’t trust his “own” intell. The deep state is apparently involved in a bureaucratic “coup” or so Trump believes. The MSM led by CNN supports the deep state with daily interviews w retired officers of alphabet agencies.
    Re: the summit. Why not try to wind down some of the enmity between Russia & US? Could lead to less spending on Defense etc. Military industrial intel complex would resist. Which might be a clue as to all the negative stuff being thrown at Trump now!

  8. The communist central committee resides here in the U.S. There is little or nothing to fear from Russia or President Trump- unless one’s ‘more equal’ status is threatened by them.

  9. My take…..Yes, it seems as if the Russians attempted to “interfere” with the elections. If so, it doesn’t seem to have had much of an effect ($40,000 or so on FB ads?) on the outcome, nor is it clear what their preferred outcome may have been other than to sow dissent. Lost is all this kerfluffle (as the Dems and MSM would like it to be): 1) Hillary ran a crappy campaign and the Russians had nothing to do with her poor decisions not to go to Wisconsin and elsewhere; 2) She had NO/NO business setting up her email system on a private server and putting classified information at risk – and for that alone she should have been prosecuted. I also condemn using a private email to conduct government business but apparently that seems to be semi-kosher although I maintain it shouldn’t be. 3) The United States has also “interfered” plenty in foreign elections. Our hands are just as dirty as the Russians or anyone else in this regard. 4) Taken on the surface, Trump’s words appear to be naive; however, I wouldn’t take anything he says on the surface. I think he is far too wily for that.

  10. When the AP reported asked THE question, The President should have looked at Putin and said, do you guys deal with this idiocy too? And then moved on.


  11. There is little doubt that Russia attempted to influence the election. They have done it before. They have done it in other places. We do it too.
    What matters is that it has no effect on the outcome.
    Had this been another president we would have been hearing about the nuances of diplomacy, and the brutal sanctions in force against Russia.
    While not Trump’s finest hour, it’s not the apocalypse…

  12. What is left unspoken and is most sad about the state of affairs in our country is the fact that probably many Americans are inclined to agree with Trump re Putin vs the media and corrupted politicians here in our own country.

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