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Putin Suggests Russia Has no Compromising Info on Trump – but Doesn’t Exactly Deny It

Listen closely to Russian President Putin’s answer to a question about whether Russia has any compromising information on President Trump. He suggests it didn’t happen, that it would be logistically difficult, but he does not specifically say the Russians have no dirt on Trump.

“When President Trump visited Moscow back then, I didn’t even know he was in Moscow,” Putin said, for example. That’s a diversion. It could be true, but it’s not necessarily relevant to whether information was collected.

Now, to be clear, I’m not saying they do have such information. Or that if they do, it’s compromising enough to matter. I’m just reporting that Putin did not quite deny it, despite throwing up a lot of smoke.

4 thoughts on “Putin Suggests Russia Has no Compromising Info on Trump – but Doesn’t Exactly Deny It”

  1. Good grief, who would ask such a thing?

    Compromising evidence. oh boy.
    Let’s check out back issues of Page 6, the National Enquirer, Playboy, Esquire, then let’s review tell-all cable news shows from the past 20 years and see if we can find something that might compromise MrTrump’s claim to sainthood. Failing that, we could interview every woman MrTrump ever smiled at, and ask his golf partners if he ever said anything compromising.

    Donald Trump has led a public life for decades. There can’t be any secrets unearthed.

  2. If Putin had something on President Trump we would have heard or seen it by now. Believe me the rabid lame stream media would have found it and published it many times over. Sorry citizen Trump activities still do not count!

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