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Video || The Brits Fly the Trump Baby Balloon

It’s okay. We’re glad to have helped you out with your freedom of expression, which probably neither the Kaiser nor the Fuhrer would have allowed.

Besides, it’s kind of funny.

15 thoughts on “Video || The Brits Fly the Trump Baby Balloon”

    1. Ask a English man or woman.
      “Do you speak German”?
      Why no.
      “You’re welcome.”
      Ungrateful indeed.
      I forgot who I stole this from.

      1. When it comes to ingrates, we have a few that can give the Brits a run for their money. The flags may be different, and the cultures, but “stupid” exists in both.

    2. Judging by the comments in today’s Daily Mail, most British people are disgusted by Khan’s childish antic, embarrassed for Great Britain, and support President Trump.

  1. These types of protests have been thoroughly studied by colleges and university researchers for 50+ years. Colleges and universities are filled with papers, theses and dissertations giving us well accepted and understood insight in these types of “protest” gatherings. We know how they are funded. We know how they are planned and coordinated. We know how they are networked. We know who organizes them.We know who is attracted to participate. We know the general social/psychological profiles of participants. (They tend to have highly suggestible personalities, for example). We understand their social/family background.. And much more. There are no secrets. So why isn’t this all being discussed in the media to properly inform the public about these protests? We know why, don’t we? Clicks and eyes on television screens.

  2. Frederick Tomlinson

    The turn out to look at it was rather sparse. Much media with cameras and reporters there. It was right next to the Houses of Parliament. This was in spite of the BBC and others plugging it for days. In among the crowd, interestingly, was a black man wearing a Trump 2020 t-shirt and a red MAGA hat. The crowd around him were photographing him. His picture is on twitter somewhere.

    I was wondering, as it was crowdfunded, how many donations were received from crazy Democrats in the US. It’s their sort of thing.

  3. Someone on another site mentioned that if the protestors were protesting Muslim Rape Gangs, they would be hauled off to the slammer. These protestors have too much time on their hands, are they on the dole? As for Kahn, he should be more concerned about protecting his fellow citizens due to the exploding crime rate under his watch.

  4. The Daily Mail was reporting vast crowds, “thousands” of protesters according to one article, “hundreds” of them in another article. The aerial photo published in the DM appeared to show fewer than 100 people in the crowd.

    1. Yea, I saw that. A handful, really. The DM (and other media) would have us believe the entire country is in an uproar, people are jumping off cliffs in protest and that the sky is splitting open and spilling fire on the Earth. All nonsense, of course. But it sells papers and gets eyes on TV screens. That’s the goal.

  5. Nobody understood the massive crowd of people in the London streets today. Do any of those people have jobs by the way? Actually it was a funeral procession. They practiced for this a week before when England won its way to the finals in the world cup spewing clouds of beer into the sky and doing their best as soccer rowdies at home and abroad. So despite the forced smiles and multitude of signs, they were merely sharing their chagrin with the final World Cup defeat by lowly Croatia. Now you know.

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