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Trump Schedule || Saturday, July 14, 2018

My apologies, President Trump did not depart Scotland on Saturday, as I originally indicated.

10:05 am || Departs Turnberry, Scotland, United Kingdom
2:00 pm || Arrives Helsinki, Finland

All times U.S. Eastern, which is five hours behind United Kingdom time and seven hours behind Finnish time


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3 Responses to Trump Schedule || Saturday, July 14, 2018

  1. Just barely enough time to play some golf before he jets off again. Mr. President, we are grateful to you and our wonderful First Lady. Say hello to Eric for us.

  2. The Dem/Lib/MSM PC way of shunning people who have different opinions or are not the “right sort” doesn’t apply to the POTUS.
    The more he meets with other foreign leaders – the good and the bad- the better the future looks for all of us.
    He knows guys like Putin, just like he knows the chubby kid from NoKo. He knows what they want, so he can bargain peace with them.
    Nothing comes free, even in multi-national affairs.